cyber cafe project for college of technology n.
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Cyber Cafe Project for College of Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Cyber Cafe Project for College of Technology

Cyber Cafe Project for College of Technology

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Cyber Cafe Project for College of Technology

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  1. Cyber Cafe Project for College of Technology Prepared by: Ayhan Bektas Cagatay Bozturk Halil Ozel Micheal John Wei-Chi Chuang

  2. Purpose • To convert the assigned room into a cyber cafe • The computers used will be assembled by Dr. Adkins’ students • Internet Cafe for students built by students • Goal is to build a comfortable environment for students to study and relax

  3. Objective • Cheap but reliable equipment • Setup the room according to the standarts • Use as much material as possible from the inventory • Decide and install software and make the security setup for a self controlled environment

  4. Computers • The computers used will be assembled by the students • Monitors are the donated monitors (19” CRT) • Keyboards and mice are available at our lab(109A) • There will be 20 computers for student use and a print / music server

  5. Software • Since the computers are not the latest technology the operating system will be Microsoft Windows 2000 • Each computer will have Microsoft Office products installed on them • McAfee antivirus software will be installed • The licenses for all these software products are available to school and they are totaly free to our use.

  6. Network • The router used will be 3com 3CR858-91 • This router has vpn and other security components that we need to secure our network.

  7. Printer • Printers will be supplied from our inventory • They will be connected to a computer and will be shared over network • More then one printer can be connected to the same computer which will act as a print server, but that computer will not be any different from the client computers that will be used

  8. Music System • Creative Inspire 5800 72 Watts 5.1 Speaker

  9. Room Setup The folowing components have to be installed • Desks • Chairs • Air Conditioner • Carpet • Shades

  10. Room Setup • Vending machines • Music System (will also be connected to the computer) • Paint

  11. Desks • Desks will be purchased from • The specifications for these desks are made for schools and they are durable and adjustable. • Each Desk supports two computers.

  12. Chairs • From • Adjustable and supports up to 250 lbs • Passive ergonomic seating with built in lumbar support • Pneumatic seat height adjustment

  13. Air Conditioner • Decided for a 24000 btu extra AC due to heavy computer usage and the room size • Model is Haier Electronic-Control Room Air Conditioner With Remote, 24,000 BTU • Will be purchased from WAL-MART

  14. Vending Machines • After our measurements we found out that the regular vending machines distrubited by companies would not fit through the door. • We decided to get smaller vending machines from Sams Club.

  15. Decoration • Carpets will be purchased from and installed by a local company. • The style is chosen by Dr. Adkins and is space explorer • Shades are available in Lowe’s • The room is going to be painted in white

  16. Cyber Cafe • For a demonstration we had our undergraduate student Bora Kaykayoglu help us make a 3D model of the final setup. • We have captured views of the completed room from dıfferent angles Note: Actual room setup may differ from what is presented here

  17. Problems • One problem we figured about the room other then the vending machines is that the room doesn’t have enough power outlets, so we will have to request the school to install extra outlets and circuit breaker to the room for it to meet the standarts. An example of that work is valid in room 104A.

  18. Pricing • Carpet $2200 • Desks $249.99x14 • Chairs $54.99x28 • Router $49.99 • Paint $310 • Speakers $69.99 • Shades $40x7 • Vending $1817. 78 • Vending $2588.86

  19. Total • We have two total price for the setup, one with vending machines, other without vending machines • Price with vending machines: $12356.20 • Price without vending machines: $7949.56

  20. Thank you...