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The Potato P roject PowerPoint Presentation
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The Potato P roject

The Potato P roject

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The Potato P roject

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  1. The Potato Project

  2. purpose To observe and determine the growth of mold on potatoes when adding different variables [ dog saliva, cut into four, dishwasher, ipad, trampoline].

  3. The variables I used on the potatoes are ( dishwasher, cut, dog’s saliva, ipad, trampoline and control ) I swabbed the screen of my ipad with Q-tips then brushed it on my potatoes. I swabbed my dog’s mouth with Q-tips and then rubbed the saliva my potatoes. I swabbed the handle of the dishwasher with Q-tips then cover the potatoes with the sample . I swabbed the trampoline with Q-tips then spread the sample on the potato. I cut the potato in too four pieces to expose more sides.

  4. Controlling the Experiment To control the experiment I , Put the potato in a container and a bag and Kept the bags sealed Observe without touching and I didn't move the containers.

  5. Equipment 6large zip lock bags 1 potato 6round containers 5q-tips A knife My dog My trampoline My ipad My dishwasher And a sharpie

  6. Hypothesis If the potato is rubbed with dog saliva then the most mold will grow because of the moisture and microbes in the saliva. The mold will start to grow and be visible in four to six days.

  7. Procedure 1.Cut a potato into six even slices 2. Put one slice of potato into a separate container 3. Put each container in a separate bag and seal it tightly this would be your control 4. Repeat step 2 and 3 after rubbing the potato with this variables Trampoline Licked by my dog Cut Dishwasher Ipad 5.Put the test in the same environment and do not move for a week.

  8. Day 1 potatoes The potatoes are hard, moist, fresh, softer in the center and rougher on the edge and smooth.

  9. Day 4 potatoes I pad has some white mold on the edge of the slice coming to the center. Dog saliva has gray mold on the top of the slice of potato and the cut has gray mold on one of the cut pieces.

  10. control has a small amount of orange and gray mold on the edge of the slice. Dishwasher has some gray mold in the center. Trampoline has lots of moisture and gray mold spotted on the slice of potato.

  11. Day 8potatoes Trampoline has some gray mold in the center and the ipad has some white mold on the edge of the slice coming to the center. Dishwasher has lots of gray mold on the top of the slice of potato and the dog mouth has gray and white mold on top.

  12. Cut has gray and white mold on the two right pieces. Control has a little gray and orange mold on the edge.

  13. Which is molding and which is growing Growing Molding

  14. My conclusion My hypothesis was wrong. The cut potato has the most mold because it had the most surface vulnerable to the air. On the cut potato the mold is eating the potato. The trampoline has the least mold. The control has more mold than the trampoline.

  15. Further inquiries If I could do this project again I would do the whole project for a longer period of time. I would use different liquids for variables. I would like to see if the moisture will change the level of mold growth.