compound sentences n.
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Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences

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Compound Sentences

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  1. Compound Sentences

  2. Clause: no, not Santa! A group of words with a subject and a verb. The clause can be independent or dependent.

  3. Independent Clause An independent clause can stand alone as a simple sentence.

  4. Dependent Clause A dependent clause cannot stand alone. It would be a fragment. Another name for dependent clause is subordinate clause.

  5. Compound Could you seriously forget this? Compound means two or more parts!

  6. Compound Sentence Two independent clauses joined with a semi-colon or a comma and coordinating conjunction.

  7. The Coordinating Conjunctions For And Nor But Or Yet So FAN BOYS Get it!!

  8. Complex Sentences One independent clause and one dependent clause. There are two formulas to remember: • ID (subordinating conjunction) • D, I (subordinating conjunction)

  9. The dependent clause …starts with a subordinating conjunction. The most common subordinating conjunctions are words like because, after, since, during, while. As soon as you put these words at the beginning of a clause, it becomes dependent. Example: I put the baby in the highchair. (independent)Since I put the baby in the highchair (dependent) I went for a walk. (independent) While I went for a walk. (dependent)

  10. Examples During my trip to Starbucks, I caught up with friends. Formula D, I (during) I caught up with my friends during a visit to Starbucks. Formula ID (during)

  11. Compound-Complex 2 independent clauses and 1 dependent clause. You will need to look for coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

  12. Examples: I;ID (when) Pancakes are good; I love to eat them for dinner when I am rushed. I, and ID (before) Facebook can be addicting, and I spend to much time there before I do my chores. D,I; I (whenever) Whenever my alarm goes off, I push snooze; I always want five more minutes. D, I, but I (once) Once the light turns green, I drive through the intersection, but I always check for other cars first.