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Table Mountain Cape Town PowerPoint Presentation
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Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain Cape Town

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Table Mountain Cape Town

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  1. Table MountainCape Town By Daisy Pierce

  2. Table Mountain Facts • Table Mountain is a flat topped mountain overlooking Cape Town in South Africa • It is 1,086 metres above sea level • It is made from Sandstone • The first person to climb it was Antonio De Saldanha in 1503

  3. Features of Table Mountain • The main feature of Table Mountain is its flat top which is 2 miles side to side • The flat top of the Mountain is often covered by clouds, mist or fog spilling over to look like a table cloth

  4. Features of Table Mountain • Table Mountain has different features called: • The Lion’s Head • Devil’s Peak • Signal Hill • Maclear’s Beacon • Flat Stone Gorge

  5. Table mountain Flora • There are at least 2,200 species of plants found on the mountain • Proteas and cluster pine grow very well on the mountain • The main plant is known as Cape Fynbos • The area is a World Heritage site

  6. Table Mountain Fauna • The most common animal on the mountain is the Rock Hyrax • Other animals include: • Porcupines, mongooses, snakes tortoises • The last lion to be killed on the mountain was shot in 1802 • African Wild cats can also be seen

  7. Table Mountain Climate • Overall, the climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, moist winters and low summer rainfall. • Inland temperatures are some 3-5º C higher. Coastal winters see the temperature dropping to a mild 7º C at night and rising to a comfortable 18º C by day.

  8. Table Mountain Legend There is a legend about Table Mountain's tablecloth (the famous white cloud that spills over the mountain when the south-easterly wind blows in summer). Legend has it that Van Hunks, a pirate in the early 18th century, retired from his eventful life at sea to live on the slopes of Devil's Peak. He spent his days sitting on the mountain, smoking his pipe. One day a stranger approached him, and a smoking contest started which lasted for days. The smoke clouds built up and a strong wind blew them down towards the town. When Van Hunks finally won the contest, the stranger revealed himself to be the Devil and the two disappeared in a puff of smoke.

  9. Table Mountain Activities • Hiking • Rock Climbing • Caving • Cable car • The cable car opened in 1929. • The cars can carry 65 passengers

  10. How is Table Mountain different to the Andes Mountains? • They are on different continents • The Andes are much taller • The Andes have active Volcanoes • The Andes mountains stretch for over 5,500 miles • The highest peak of the Andes, Mount Aconcagua, rises to 6,959 m. • Table Mountain is only 1,086 m • Table Mountain is made from sedimentary rocks. The Andes are made from Metamorphic rocks

  11. Thank you for listening THE END