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Introduction to Computer Facilities PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Computer Facilities

Introduction to Computer Facilities

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Introduction to Computer Facilities

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  1. Member of VTC Group Introduction to Computer Facilities Academic Year 2009/2010

  2. What’s this session about? • To make you aware of the computer facilities at IVE (Chai Wan Campus) • To help you get familiar with your IT services, • Computer & Network Account (CNA) • Print Quota and Network Storage • Mobile Network Service • WebCT

  3. Computer Centre – Main Locations For up-to-date opening hours, check the notice in the IVE(CW) Student Web pages

  4. Computer and Network Account (CNA) • To access IT resources • Webmail service • Manage your CNA by • Activate your CNA ???





  9. 500 units per academic year Need lecturer’s endorsement for extra quota To support environment protection, save more papers You have 500Mb of storage space on the network Located on the I: drive (home drive) Easily accessible From all the Computer Rooms under Computer Centre Off-campus via Internet Print Quota and Network Storage

  10. Mobile Network Service Mobile Network service is available in most open areas, Canteen & Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and free access in Y5 Zone (e.g. Starbuck, McDonald’s and other Universities) Use your CNA and password for authentication and Notebook is available for loan in LRC Supports Smartphone access using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) service in future For more information go to

  11. Logging in to IVE‘s Facilities Need CNA Username and Password Username – 9 digits Student Number Strong Password – Combined by any 3 kinds of characters. (e.g. numeric + small letter + capital letter) Password Expiry Period: 180 days

  12. Logging Off Make sure you have saved any documents and closed any applications you have opened Always log off before leaving the room Click Start button and select Log Off Make sure you are returned to the Ctrl/Alt/Del dialog box

  13. When using PC in the computer rooms: Switch off your mobile phone and keep talking to a minimum Don’t visit inappropriate Websites/chat rooms Don’t play games or install software Don’t eat or drink in the computer rooms Use only authorised Username and Password Remember to log off when you have finished

  14. Security and Good Practice • Do NOT disclose your password • Any misuse from your account is your responsibility. • Only use your own Username and Password • Or a temporary Username and Password provided by a member of staff • Remember to log out when you are finished • Or others may access your files, email account, personal information and print quota. • Familiarize yourself with the rules about the use of computing facilities at IVE • See

  15. IT Support If you have a query or a problem with the computers • Speak to Computer Technician • If not there, go to room 338 or 341 • Visit CW Student Web site or email to

  16. Thank You