climate change in hong kong n.
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Climate Change in Hong Kong PowerPoint Presentation
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Climate Change in Hong Kong

Climate Change in Hong Kong

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Climate Change in Hong Kong

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  1. Climate Change in Hong Kong (Suitable for primary school)

  2. Breathing breathe in oxygen breathe out carbon dioxide

  3. Photosynthesis in plant breathe out oxygen breathe in carbon dioxide

  4. Burning and electricity generation carbon dioxide carbon dioxide power plant burning of coal , petroleum and natural gas to generate electricity cooking with fire

  5. The sun gives energy to the earth sunlight heating of the earth

  6. Heat dissipation by the earth heat dissipation by infra-red radiation sunlight

  7. Carbon dioxide lowers heat dissipation carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

  8. Relationship between carbon dioxide and the earth’s temperature increase carbon dioxide in the air decrease heat dissipation by the earth rise in global air temperature

  9. Use of electricity leads to the rise in global temperature require burning of coal, petroleum and natural gas, release carbon dioxide into the air rise in temperature use of electrical appliance

  10. Use of paper and wooden furniture lead to the rise in global temperature less trees to absorb carbon dioxide rise in temperature use paper and wooden furniture Trees are cut down to make paper and furniture

  11. Rise in sea level - expansion of water by heating - melting of ice on land

  12. Expansion of water by heating water expands when heated, water level rises as a result water water Rise in global sea temperature leads to expansion of sea water and a rise in sea level heating

  13. Melting of ice caps in polar land and glaciers in high mountains 1928 2000 ( Source : US Geological Survey)

  14. Rise in sea level by melting of glaciers ice block ice block water water more ice blocks melt, the water level in the flask will rise ice blocks melt, water flowsinto the flask

  15. Sea level rise makes flooding of the coastal areas easier waves caused by typhoon coast Easier flooding of coastal areas during typhoon attack or heavy rain rose in sea level coast (Source: US National oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

  16. Getting hotter and hotter

  17. More and more heavy rain ( Source : Geotechnical Engineering Office ) dangerous to picnic and hiking activities leads to landslide

  18. More and more mosquitoes more mosquitoes,easier to transmit dengue fever ( Source : HK Education City, and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department )

  19. Can air-conditioner stop global warming?No! increase in electricity usage, require burning of more coal, petroleum or natural gas, release more carbon dioxide,result in global temperature rise turn on air-conditioner and lower the conditioner’s temperature drop in indoor temperature

  20. What should I do? Save electricity (Source : Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)

  21. Take care of trees Prevent hill fire Save paper Plant more trees (Source: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department)

  22. Reduce expenditure Large amount of energy is used to produce commercial products and releasecarbon dioxide

  23. Save the earth, count me in!