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Student Success

Student Success

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Student Success

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  1. Student Success Did you know? Afsaneh Nahavandi, Ph.D. Associate Dean, University College Applied Learning Technologies Institute Arizona State University  Last updated 08-20-07

  2. Definition of Student Success The Basics… • Good grades  • Staying in college and graduating on time There is more… • Social adjustment and connecting • Physical and psychological well-being • Balance • Many other elements

  3. High School Mandatory and usually free Highly structured environment with many rules Time structured by others Teachers and parents remind you of deadlines and priorities Some homework; limited studying outside of class Spend a set amount of time in class; 6 hours of a day, 30 hours a week Set curriculum and limited choices of classes College Voluntary and costs money Unstructured environment with few rules Students manage their own time Students manage deadlines and priorities on their own Homework and extensive studying outside of class Variable class times, typically between 12 to 15 hours a week in class Many choices for students to make up their own schedule with some advice How Is College Different from High School?

  4. Keys Points • You are responsible for your own success! • Take charge • Review your schedule

  5. Start with Planning • Study success equation: 1 hour in class = 2-3 hours outside of class • You need to balance studying and school with the rest of your life • Time management is essential

  6. Time Estimate Grid (available in course site under Student Success)

  7. Pause narration.Use the schedule grid you have already completed and fill out Time Estimate Grid, available on the course site under Student Success.When you complete the grid, restart narration.

  8. Estimating your Time • Review your weekly time result • What does the number tell you? • Typical excuses people use: • I am much more efficient than most people, I can work faster • I can study less than the recommended 2-3 hours and I’ll be fine • I did much more in high school and did just fine! • I don’t really need 6 hours of sleep • I can eat on the run…. • Others?

  9. Tips for Success • Go to class! • Keep the syllabus for every class handy and review it often • Go to class prepared • Review material often • Listen actively in class and participate • Turn your assignments in on time • Get to know at least one other student in each of your classes

  10. Tips for Success • Visit your instructors during their office hours • Find a good space to study • Get help when you need it, quickly • Ask questions if you are confused • Get to know the campus • Join a club or a group • Work no more that 15-20 hours; look for on-campus employment • Take the time to be a student!

  11. ASU Resources for Student Success • Your ASU 101 instructor • Your academic advisor • The college success courses in many colleges • The provost web page with advice and link to resources: • University link with links students typically need:

  12. Tutoring at ASU • On the Downtown campus • • On the Polytechnic campus • • On the Tempe campus • for general tutoring in all disciplines • help with writing • for help with math • On the West Campus •

  13. Getting Involved at ASU Find out more about the many ways you can connect to other students and get involved through clubs and student organizations at ASU • Student Organizations: • Events and meetings at ASU: • Student Life:

  14. Take charge of your success at ASU……IT IS UP TO YOU!