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The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed PowerPoint Presentation
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The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed

The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed

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The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed

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  1. The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed Matthew 6:10

  2. Matthew 6:10 “Your Kingdom come,Your will be doneon earth as it is heaven.” An observation that, when believed and lived, will radically, immediately and continuously revise your life!

  3. Perspective These 14 words are part of the model prayer and comprise the highest reach of the essence of all prayer. It has suffered through the ages from the paralyzing effects of familiarity until it has become largely a religious ritual with little meaning and few results experienced or expected.

  4. Introduction: This prayer was given to the disciples by Jesus for the purpose of continuous use in their personal and corporate praying. It has never gone out of use and may properly be used in our praying today. The above being true, we should closely examine this wonderful command! This examination should include everything about the prayer that might allow its true meaning and intentions to become clear. It might help to review our perspective on prayer in general.

  5. Questions: This perspective will include the questions: What does the gift of prayer suggest to us? Is prayer (A) a religious ritual or (B) a vital transaction with the God Who listens? Please answer this NOW! May we expect something to happen when we pray? When may we expect such to happen? These and other questions may prove to be life changing as answers are discovered.

  6. Observations: Each verb in the prayer is in the IMPERATIVE mood and *AORIST tense. This simply means that we have been commanded by Jesus to make demands on God with expectations of an immediate answer. It is simple (14 words, 12 one-syllable words and 2 two-syllable words). *Aorist Tense simply and always means “right here, right now”. This changes the importance and impact of the prayer every time we pray it. We believe in the accuracy of the Scriptures down to the details of grammar in the original languages. If we do not know this we will expect nothing to happen and that is precisely what will happen: nothing!

  7. What This Prayer Suggests: All who call Him Father may pray it. All who pray it may expect something to happen when it is prayed. God would not command us to pray a prayer without being assured of His highest intention of answering it. The answer will most certainly include the coming of the Kingdom and the doing of the will of the Father. We must examine this closely and carefully. The results may be both explosive and dramatic!

  8. A Pivotal Observation: This prayer, given from God through Jesus to the disciples (and thus to us), simply frames the possibility of bringing the conditions of heaven to earth! This being true the whole purpose of prayer is transacting with God for the bringing of our lives and surroundings into accord with God’s eternal order.

  9. Another Pivotal Observation: Everything God does in answer to the prayers of mankind is, in effect, the increased coming of His government (Kingdom) and the conformation of the matters and conditions on earth to the conditions of heaven and the will of God.

  10. More Pivotal Observations: One might easily conclude (and most people already have) that these previous statements are simply too good to be true. I declare here that, in the light of the prayer’s construction and its rather clear content and intention, it is simply too good NOT to be true! If there is no clear evidence to be given why we should believe otherwise we will continue.

  11. More Crucial Questions: How much of the Kingdom may we expect to see expressed and experienced in our lifetimes? May we expect the One Who gave us the prayer to answer it completely? When?

  12. More Pivotal Observations: The answers to the previous questions are very important to your life and mine as well as the Kingdom of God on earth. While no one knows exactly how much of the Kingdom we may expect to experience and see expressed, we may safely expect to see more than we have ever experienced or even imagined to now. That is about to happen!

  13. The Grand Conclusion If we agree with what we have heard, why don’t we so commit ourselves to pursue the King and His Kingdom that our lives will be living, visual proof of how much of the Kingdom may be exhibited in and through each of us.

  14. The Grand Challenge At this point it seems wise to insert this reminder that to pray the prayer means we expect it to be answered, first individually and then corporately in all Kingdom subjects. It would seem foolish to pray the prayer unless we were willing to bring our lives under the rule of our Father-King in complete surrender to Kingdom order.

  15. The PRAYER And now we return to the prayer, perhaps a bit wiser, knowing that we can and should expect something to happen when we pray. “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (We will now enter the laboratory!)