embarrassed with psoriasis get flawless skin with homeopathy n.
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  1. PSORIASIS The Tenacious Scourge! Embarrassed with Psoriasis?Get flawless skin with Homeopathy !! Register at <link for registration>

  2. Amazing Facts & FiguresAbout Psoriasis? Millions people suffer from it worldwide No Cure or Long-lasting relief in sight Not just a ‘skin disease’ – much deeper disorder Affects joints & causes fluid imbalance or infections Psychological effects – low self-esteem, depression, stress, anxiety, social isolation, etc. For a complete, permanent, deep-rooted & swift solution to Psoriasis click <link for registration> Meet our Psoriasis expert who has successfully treated 14000+ cases of Psoriasis with Homeopathy at<link to Dr. Sonawane profile>


  4. What is Psoriasis ? Psoriasis is a chronic skindisorder wherein there is: Too quick growth, maturation & death of skin cells. Development of thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin. The exact cause of Psoriasis is not known. However, it is believed that the ‘immune system’mistakenly triggers & speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells. This leads to piling up of immature or dead cells For complete details about Psoriasis click <link for Psoriasis>

  5. Development • of PSORIASIS • Formation of • itchy, dry, • silvery scales • Rapid build-up • of dead cells • Skin cells • die faster • Life cycle of • skin cell • gets shorter Development of Psoriasis

  6. What happens in Psoriasis ? Bright red raised patches of skin covered with loose, silvery scales. Thick, crusted skin with severe itching flare-ups. Contd….

  7. What happens in Psoriasis ? • Bleeding spots where the skin has been scratched or picked. • Patches develop on joints leading to joint swelling, tenderness and pain.

  8. What are the triggers of Psoriasis? Injury to skin – especially recurrent injury Excessive exposure to sunlight Skin infections esp. Streptococcal infection Smoking HIV infection Contd….

  9. What are the triggers of Psoriasis? Alcohol Hormonal changes during puberty / menopause Excessive emotional / mental stress Drugs such as antimalarials, quinidine, beta-blockers, lithium, etc.

  10. What can Psoriasis lead to ? Added-on bacterial or fungal infections Fluid and electrolyte imbalance in severe cases Shame, low self-esteem, depression, stress, anxiety, social isolation, etc. Contd….

  11. What can Psoriasis lead to ? • Joints swelling, tenderness, & pain in psoriatic affections of joints • Increased risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, etc. PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS To avoid these dreadful complications click <link for reg>

  12. Homeopathic Approach Homeopathic approach is holistic patient friendly deep rooted permanent gentle swift …… & much more Focus is on building up your disease resisting / fighting capacity Contd….

  13. Homeopathic Approach Medicines are customized to suitunique conditionof each individual patient. No known side effects, when prescribed correctly, Safe for all age groups – from newborns to centurions Safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding

  14. Role of Homeopathy in Psoriasis It targets the ‘autoimmune’aspect (root cause) of Psoriasis, NOT JUST the superficial skin symptoms. The aim is to bring back on track the “immune system” that has deviated off course. Contd….

  15. Role of Homeopathy in Psoriasis It also greatly reduces the intensity , frequency and duration of flare-ups. It provides the most wholesome, complete and long-lasting solace from this obstinate ailment. To get complete details click <homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis>

  16. Few Amazing Remedies for Psoriasis We have 100+ highly effective homeopathic remedies for quick and permanent relief from Psoriasis Remedies are chosen on basis of unique & individualizing features of each individual (i.e. customized for each patient). Some of the commonly used remedies are : Mezereum Graphitis Lycopodium Heparsulph Psorinum …..and many more…. Contd….

  17. Few Amazing Remedies for Psoriasis We have numerous remedies based on different parameters such as the causes, intensity, different signs & symptoms, time of worsening or improvement of symptoms, etc. For example: Psoriasis alternates with asthma: Sulph Psoriasis eruptions better in winter: Carboanimalis Psoriasis eruptions better by warm bathing: Anacardium Psoriasis with copper colored eruptions: Kali bichromicum Psoriasis eruptions worse in spring: Psorinum Psoriasis with severe itching worse from 4 to 8 pm: Lycopodium Thus, you can see the fine differentiation of symptoms and remedies that is unique to Homeopathy

  18. Few Amazing Remedies for Psoriasis Mezereum Psoriasis from ill effects of vaccination Intolerable itching with watery discharge Worse in bed and from touch Person is angry over trivial things but is soon sorry for it Contd….

  19. Few Amazing Remedies for Psoriasis Graphitis Psoriasis with unhealthy skin with tendency to pus formation Eruptions upon ears, between fingers and toes Discharge of watery, transparent, sticky fluid, gum-like Person is excessively cautious, timid, hesitant and indecisive Contd….

  20. Few Amazing Remedies for Psoriasis Lycopodium Skin is thick, indurated and bleeds easily Fissured skin with violent itching Discharges are thick & offensive All symptoms worse between 4 & 8 p.m. Person is sad, afraid to be alone with confusion & weak memory To get complete details click <homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis>

  21. Benefits of Health • Save your precious time, efforts, and finances in physically visiting your doctor • Avail services of globally acclaimed doctors from our high-powered panel • Gain health in comfort & convenience of your home • Avail round-the-clock 24x7 medical services & guidance Contd….

  22. Benefits of Health • Online payment with easy and secure payment options • Medicines at your doorstep • Anytime, anywhere access to your medical records • Add-on features such as: • clinical tips • health tips • do’s & don’ts • nutrition tips • health calculators • health reminders, etc…… • to enrich your experience To get maximum benefits click <registration link>

  23. Do’s • Use moisturizer:Unmedicated moisturized after bath • Use Sunscreen: Broad-spectrum sunscreen outdoors • Eat a healthy diet: Balanced nutritious diet • Keep a food diary: Observe effect of foods on symptoms • Cover the affected areas overnight • Expose your skin to small amounts of sunlight but avoid over-exposure

  24. Don’ts • Do not skip your daily bath: Bathing daily helps remove scales and calm inflamed skin • Avoid psoriasis triggers, if possible: Find out the triggers and avoid them as far as possible • Avoid drinking alcohol • Avoid very hot water and harsh soaps: They can damage the skin and aggravate the Psoriasis

  25. Dietary Tips Include the following: • A balanced healthy diet to maintain healthy weight • Drink plenty of water. • Eat fresh, raw fruits & vegetables • Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids • Foods rich in vitamin A and zinc • Basil leaves (tulsi) are also known to be helpful Contd….

  26. Dietary Tips Avoid the following: • Food rich in omega 6 fatty acids • Red meat and dairy products. • Junk food with high levels of saturated fats, trans fats. • Refined sugars and starch • Citrus fruits • Gluten-rich foods like rye, wheat, barley • Spices such as cinnamon, pimento, mayo, paprika, etc.

  27. Case of Psoriasis resolvedwith Homeopathic treatment A 26-year-old homemaker presented with psoriatic patches on her neck, breasts& knees for a few years. Her important symptoms in brief were: Thick, gelatin-like, white flakes falling off from scalp, behind ears and under breasts. History of malaria - 6 episodes in 10 years Homeopathic Approach (Individualization ): Strong craving for salt – would add extra salt to food and even lick it off her hand. Strong desire for spicy food Contd….

  28. Case of Psoriasis resolvedwith Homeopathic treatment Marked aversion to sweets Very emotional person – would cry easily. However, she did not like to be consoled. Consolationirritated her. Treatment given & results obtained She was prescribed Natrummuriaticum. Psoriatic patches started getting smaller in size They were replaced by normal healthy skin. Within 6 months, not a single psoriatic patch remained. Contd….

  29. Case of Psoriasis resolvedwith Homeopathic treatment She enjoyed much better state of health. She became emotionally stronger. She could handle her emotions in a healthier way. Norecurrence of malaria since then (16 years) Brief Summary 1) She was not only freed from her Psoriasis, but also developed a stronger immune system that prevented malarial relapses. 2) Most importantly, she was emotionally at peace and enjoyed her life better. Contd…. Check out 100s of such successfully treated cases @ <link for cases>

  30. Case of Psoriasis resolvedwith Homeopathic treatment BEFORE TREATMENTAFTER TREATMENT Homeopathy Heals from Within, To Enhance & Enrich the Quality Of Life

  31. Protecting & Enhancing Your Health, Always….. WelcomecureWelcome Cure, Bye Bye Disease (logo) For additional information about Psoriasis and its effective homeopathic management visit <link> at At “welcomecure” we have top-of-the-linehomeopathic experts with decades of rich clinical experience on successful management of a wide range of disease conditions such as Psoriasis. Register to get maximum benefit at <link for reg>