nationwide public adjusting services adk n.
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Adk Adjusting - Nationwide Public Adjusting Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Adk Adjusting - Nationwide Public Adjusting Services

Adk Adjusting - Nationwide Public Adjusting Services

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Adk Adjusting - Nationwide Public Adjusting Services

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  2. AboutUs I have 24 years of multi-line adjusting experience. To finance my way through the University of Arizona, I worked as a general construction carpenter building custom homes and condominiums. This paved the path for a solid property insurance career. I worked for over 2 decades as a multi-line staff and independent general claims adjuster. I have handled automobile, motor homes, boats, ATV, motorcycle, bodily injury, fatalities, litigation, arbitration, mediation, umpiring, municipal, commercial, residential, flood, natural, and man-made disaster claims. My construction background as well as my diverse insurance background has enabled me to be gain invaluableexperience.


  4. RESIDENTIALCLAIMS Residential claims include all claims related to damage sustained to your home after an incident such as a fire, or natural disaster. Compoundingthe difficulties of the actual loss, the claims process can often be complicated andintimidating. If you’re like most people, you may have trouble estimating the exactcost of the damages – or you may feel that a claim amount offered by your insurance company isinadequate

  5. COMMERCIALCLAIMS Commercial claims are insurance claims relatedto damage caused to a commercial property building. As a commercial property manager or landlord, you may feel lost or uncomfortable estimating the exact cost of thedamages. You may fail to see how the loss may have impacted other crucial aspects of your operations or yourworkforce.

  6. INSTITUTIONALCLAIMS Institutional claims are insurance claims related to damage that affects public and private institutions and organizations of all types. Many institutional leaders find themselves overwhelmed after a devasting event that impacts their services and mission. As one of those leaders, you may find yourself overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, and lost amid a sea of paperwork.

  7. ContactUs Mailingaddress P.O. Box 4021 Queensbury, N.Y.12804 Website Phonenumber 518-409-4530