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Cell Phone Communication

Cell Phone Communication. Group # 6 Aleyda Perez Acosta Karla Olivas Fuentes Olufunke Olushola Jessica Rey December Sanchez. Overview. Miscommunication AT&T History Boost-Mobile Challenges & Strengths Solutions Conclusion. MISCOMMUNICATIONS.

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Cell Phone Communication

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  1. Cell Phone Communication Group # 6Aleyda Perez Acosta Karla Olivas FuentesOlufunke Olushola Jessica Rey December Sanchez

  2. Overview • Miscommunication • AT&T History • Boost-Mobile • Challenges & Strengths • Solutions • Conclusion

  3. MISCOMMUNICATIONS • Cell phone technology widely used in the 21st century • Reception, location, etc. can be a problem • Technology do not work as well as we may need it to • Negative experiences with cell phone technology but heavily replied on

  4. AT&T HISTORY • Finalized name- American Telephone and Telegraph Company- first created in 1983 • 12,000 jobs removed due to economy and company issues • Growth by Dobson Cellular (2007), Centennial Communication Corp. (2008), Verizon (2009) • WayportInc. (2008) gave Wi-Fi access • Spectrums purchased from Qualcomm for 4G wireless • Attempt to merge with T-Mobile denied- future unemployment and high cellphone plan pricing

  5. Boost-Mobile • Merged with Nextel- expanding growth in 2004 • Sprint Corp. takes over Nextel (2006), leaving Boost- Mobile as a subsidiary • New plan offered- unlimited talk, text, internet • More than 4 million subscribers

  6. CHALLENGES & STRENGTHS • AT&T dedicated to improving their H.R. and global networks- but flawed customer service • One of the largest companies- but does not follow environment regulations • Partnership with Apple™ proves to be successful and greater threat to competition • Many resources but defective reception caused by a vast sum of clients required needs

  7. SOLUTIONS • Additional antennas improving capability to transmit enhanced reception • Stronger Human Resources Department • Division of H.R. • All have a positive and beneficial outcome to company and customers

  8. Overall • Poor reception result in negative feedback from clients • 70% of customer have reception difficulty, 90% affected mentally/ physically/ emotionally • Addition antennas in various areas can help to improve cellphone reception • Resolving issues lead to clients satisfaction • Happy customers lead to a successful company • Further developed reception benefits all

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