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7-18 aged Dating guide PowerPoint Presentation
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7-18 aged Dating guide

7-18 aged Dating guide

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7-18 aged Dating guide

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  1. 7-18 aged Dating guide

  2. General Tips 1. Always be yourself, never pretend to be someone you're not because they will find out EVENTUALLY. 2. never think about sex or kissing at the beginning, work up to it because they are never going to say yes and at first. PS keep in mind that she may not be comfortable with it 3. Show that you care about her always do nice things for them and DON’T just care about their looks 4. if they can’t except you for who you are then they are not worth your attention

  3. 13 & Under Tips 1. Make sure you make friends with your love before telling her you feelings 2. If you are under 13 this is for you “it is much easer to wait until you're older because you can have much more fun since you parents don’t always have to make choices for you” 3. Try To look cool trust me at that age all the girls like cool boys 4. don’t move your relationship forward to quickly

  4. 13 & Under Guide 1.become friends with her (not a girl friend yet) 2.invite her over & eventually have a sleep over a relationship, (now a girl friend) 4. push it further, such as spend time with her, play with her & do any thing else that is fun

  5. 14-18 Tips 1. if someone has your girl don’t be jealous that will just make you look stupid, win her back by being a better boy friend 2. Top Tip: Make her laugh this is very hard because it has to be funny and you need to say it at the right time and if it is stupid have failed high school the girls will go for boys with six packs & big muscles, so along side being nice try to go to the gym frequently 4. always complement their looks, such as “you are the most beautiful girl in the universe ”

  6. 14-18 Guide 1. introduce yourself to her and hang out with her 2. invite her to dinner (date) 3. tell her you feeling 4. invite her to you house and push it further

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