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Community Service Learning PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Service Learning PowerPoint

Community Service Learning PowerPoint

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Community Service Learning PowerPoint

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  1. Community ServiceLearning PowerPoint By: Adam Smith

  2. Pregnancy Resource Center

  3. History • The Pregnancy Resource Center was started back in the early 90’s by my mother Becky Smith. The purpose of the center was to give young mothers, single mothers, or any future mother considering an abortion a place to come for counseling or if they were having financial problems, be given the necessities for raising a child. The center is a Christian based organization. The center, just in the past 4 years was able to come up with enough money for an ultra sound machine. Now the center gives live ultra sounds to any future mother. The overall goal of the center is to introduce the women or couples that come in to alternatives besides having an abortion.

  4. The Deck Needed A New Paint Job

  5. All Hedges Needed A New Hair Cut

  6. Bare Areas Needed to Be Raked

  7. How I Got Involved • I was able to get involved in the pregnancy resource center many years ago. With my mom being the person who started it, I was exposed to the organization from the get go. Since it has started, and I was old enough to attend, I have gone to many of the annual fundraiser banquets that the center has. With being able to see things that not many other people my age get to see, such as a live Sonogram, I was able to have a new understanding of what the purpose of the center was. Also, I was able to come to know all of the volunteers at the center very well. When work needed to be done, I knew how hard those ladies worked at the center and how little time they had to do maintenance on the house. With that being true, my dad and I have gone there many times on work days that the husbands put together and some of the ladies participate in. Whenever work is needed, my mom does not hesitate to ask me and I am always more than willing to come in and work.

  8. What I Learned • Every time I do community service, I and most other people get a very good since of accomplishment. Not to much can beat the feeling of knowing that you just did something good for someone else because you cared. What tops it all off is when you are able to see the person who is affected by the work, get to see what progress was made and them showing there gratitude for you working.

  9. What Are Benefits of Doing Community Service • Looks great on resume. • Looks good for college application. • Required by some colleges. • Gives you a since of accomplishment. • A new respect is gained by those around you who see you working.

  10. Contact Information For Pregnancy Resource Center • Pregnancy Resource Center of Henry CountyDonna Barney3834 Jodeco RdMcDonough, GA • For More Pregnancy Centers that might be around your area, check out this web site… •