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Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Form

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Sponsorship Form

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  1. Participant name: I am competing in the Stay Active Challenge to raise money for: I will be wearing the iAM, a unique activity monitor that uses 3D sensors to monitor my activity levels. Every activity I do, however large or small, will be converted into Stay Active Challenge Points. These are determined by my calorie burn and metabolic data so they’re accurate reflections of my fitness level but to give you an idea of how far I have to go: A 90 minute football match is equivalent to around 45 points. An hour of swimming at a medium intensity is equivalent to around 25 points. A typical day in a desk job earns around 20 points. Sponsorship Form My first week will be an assessment week in which I’ll wear the iAM without increasing my activity levels. At the end of this you’ll receive the results, letting you know what my normal daily activity level is. I’ll then spend thenext 6 weeks trying to improve on these scores, and your help would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to sponsor me please take a look at the sponsorship methods overleaf and let me know your choice of method and amount. You’ll receive a weekly email updating you on my hard earned progress.

  2. Sponsorship Methods Sponsor my progress throughout the challenge and follow my achievements Want to be a bit more cruel? Set me a MINI CHALLENGE. You choose what I have to achieve and the week in which I have to achieve it. If I don’t then you don’t have to give a penny.