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Word: maternity leave Word: paternity leave

Ma = mother Question: When a working woman takes a break to take care of her newborn it is called? Pa = father Question: When a man stays home after his wife has had a baby it’s called?. Word: maternity leave Word: paternity leave.

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Word: maternity leave Word: paternity leave

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  1. Ma = motherQuestion: When a working woman takes a break to take care of her newborn it is called?Pa = fatherQuestion: When a man stays home after his wife has had a baby it’s called?

  2. Word: maternity leaveWord: paternity leave

  3. Fra = brotherDefinition: an organization of “brothers”. Based on university ties for social purposes or an organization of laymen for religious or charitable purposes.

  4. Word: fraternity

  5. archaeo = ancient/primitive • Definition: really, REALLY old.

  6. Word: archaic

  7. Arch = chief, primary, first Definition: ordered from most important to least important

  8. Word: hierarchy

  9. Aster/astr = star • Definition: the study of the stars and space

  10. Word: astronomy

  11. Audi = hear • Definition: loud enough that it can be heard

  12. Word: audible

  13. Bene = good/well • Definition: a person who gives help, especially financial help.

  14. Word: benefactor

  15. Bio = life • Definition: The earth’s crust, water and atmosphere that sustains life

  16. Word: biosphere

  17. Brev = short • Definition: the shortening of words/phrases Northwest NW U R GR8

  18. Word: abbreviation

  19. Derm = skin Definition: doctor who specializes in the skin

  20. Word: dermatologist

  21. Chloro=green • Definition: the green pigment found in plants.

  22. Word=chlorophyll

  23. Chrono=time • Definition: a history of facts arranged in the order in which they happened.

  24. Word: chronicle

  25. Dic/dict = speak • Definition: a ruler with absolute power

  26. Word: dictator

  27. Fer = to carry • Definition: a boat that carries people and cars over water to another point of land

  28. Word: Ferry

  29. Fix = fasten • Definition: to direct all attention at something; unwillingness to let something go

  30. Word: fixate/fixation

  31. Gen = birth • Definition: to create something from scratch—energy or ideas

  32. Word: generate

  33. Gen = birth • Definition: the way in which something comes to be; origins The first book in the Bible

  34. Word: genesis

  35. Geo = earth • Definition: The study of the earth and its physical and cultural properties

  36. Word: geography

  37. Graph = write • Definition: a diagram

  38. Word: graph

  39. Graph = write • Definition: famous person’s signature

  40. Word: autograph

  41. Hemo = blood • Definition: the escape of large amounts of blood from a blood vessel; heavy bleeding

  42. Word: hemorrhage

  43. Herb = plant • Definition: animal feeding on grass or plants only

  44. Word: herbivore

  45. Herb = plant • Definition: plant based remedy

  46. Word: herbal

  47. Hydro = water • Definition: to add liquid to the body

  48. Word: hydrate

  49. Jur/just = law • Definition: a group of people sworn to hear the evidence and judge the facts in a case to give a decision.

  50. Word: jury

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