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because. B ig E lephants C an A lways U nderstand S mall E lephants. island. An island is land surrounded by water. necessary. 1 c ollar 2 s leeves ne c e ss ary. difficulty. Mrs D Mrs I Mrs FFI Mrs C Mrs U Mrs LTY!. friend. A real fri end is there to the end.

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  1. because • Big • Elephants • Can • Always • Understand • Small • Elephants

  2. island An island is landsurrounded by water

  3. necessary 1 collar 2 sleeves necessary

  4. difficulty Mrs D Mrs I Mrs FFI Mrs C Mrs U Mrs LTY!

  5. friend A real friend is there to the end

  6. piece A piece of pie

  7. parliament Liam went to the Houses of Parliament

  8. separate There is a rat in separate

  9. secretary A good secretary can keep a secret

  10. terrible Ribs feel terrible

  11. business Going by bus is good business

  12. quiet Keep quiet about my diet

  13. guitar I only play guitar after drinking fruit juice

  14. accommodation 2 cats 2 mice 1 dog accommodation

  15. - ould words OULittle Devil Could Should Would

  16. laugh • Laugh • And • U • Get • Happy

  17. rhythm Rhythm gets your twohips moving

  18. soldier Soldiers sometimes die in battle

  19. height & weight There is an eight in height and weight

  20. hear You hear with your ear

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