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  1. C.O.P.E • Challenging • Outdoor • Personal • Experience • Participants: at least 13 years old. • Group Size -6 to 8 people, maximum 3 groups

  2. Project C.O.P.E. • is a challenge or ropes course. Its events are meant to inspire an individual to his potential. • C.O.P.E.'s activities have been carefully designed and constructed to offer its participants a challenging and exciting arena in which to pit their skills. Climbing, swinging, balancing and experiencing the zip line are just a few of the activities that Scouts will encounter.

  3. Team Work (合作) Leadership (領導) Decision Making(作決定) Communication(溝通) Problem Solving(解決問題) Trust (互信) Self-Esteem (自信) Achievement (成就感) C.O.P.E

  4. LEADERSHIP • Leadership is sometimes appointed, elected, or just naturally given and assumed. Leadership can be exhibited by loud commands, softly spoken suggestions, shared participation, or no actions at all. A COPE Course provides numerous opportunities for leadership to be displayed and challenged. Learning the skills of leadership is one of the anticipated outcomes of Project COPE.

  5. PROBLEM SOLVING • Problem Solving is done by the group and individual participants at each element. The group or individual then has the opportunity to test its solutions and evaluate the results.

  6. TEAMWORK • Teamwork is the key to everything on a COPE Course. By using teamwork the group achieves a successful (and sometime unsuccessful) conclusion to a variety of problems. During the period in which a group is on the course, it will become abundantly clear that no individual can "do it" alone, it requires a complete group effort

  7. DECISION MAKING • Decision Making requires the group to develop a solution, think through the probable results, and evaluate the results in terms of the resources available and required. Several possible solutions can be evaluated until the decision is made as to which is the best solution.

  8. TRUST • Trust in the instructors, the safety of the course, each other, and themselves must be developed to successfully solve difficult tasks. Trust will be challenged many times while during a COPE experience.

  9. SELF-ESTEEM • Self-Esteem is developed by successfully accomplishing a task as set forth by the instructor. This happens both on an individual and team basis.

  10. COMMUNICATION • Communication is important to any group attempting to accomplish a difficult task. A tremendous amount of communication is exhibited in many ways on a COPE Course.

  11. Types • Low Course • High Course • Rock Climbing and Rappelling

  12. The Wall Artesian Beams

  13. All Aboard Nitro Crossing

  14. Spider's Web

  15. Trust Fall

  16. Islands

  17. Meat Grinder

  18. High Course Activities

  19. is attached to one of three Easy Ascension Devices on the course. The net itself measures 12 feet wide by 37 feet tall. This sizing allows for the cargo net to be placed onto the tower as well. Cargo Net

  20. The objective of this element is to step from loop to loop from one end to the other over a distance of 40 feet. This element is a Burma bridge without the foot line. Burma Loops

  21. The objective it to step/slide across a distance of 40 feet using a foot cable and one hand cable approximetly four feet apart and para-llel to each other. Two Cable Traverse

  22. The objective is to step/slide from one end of the element to the other. A foot cable and two hand cables tied together by 1/2" multiline are used to cross the area which is a distance of 40 feet from pole to pole. Eagle's Walk

  23. can be used by two people at a time. The rungs on this ladder are made of large wood timbers. What makes this element so difficult is that the rungs range from 3 feet to almost 6 feet apart. Giants ladder

  24. This element is a traverse of 40 feet. It is two ropes, one for the feet and one for the hands, these ropes cross vertically in the middle and are attached together by a 8 foot tether line. Pirates Crossing

  25. Rock Climbing and Rappelling

  26. 飛狼溯溪隊 吳金倉教練 講解安全配備

  27. 演練

  28. 正副攻擊手演練