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Unit 4 Test Review

Unit 4 Test Review

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Unit 4 Test Review

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  1. Unit 4 Test Review U.S. History

  2. SSUSH 8 U.S. History

  3. Divided Nation The Nullification Crisis was caused by? Increase in Tariffs of imported goods

  4. Divided Nation Slave rebellion in Southampton, VA in 1831 that angered southerners Nat Turner Rebellion

  5. Divided Nation Nat Turner is know to oppose Slavery

  6. Divided Nation Nat Turner caused this in the United States? Increase North/South Tensions

  7. Divided Nation White abolitionist publisher of TheLiberator William Lloyd Garrison

  8. Divided Nation Former slave turned abolititionist and publisher of the North Star Frederick Douglas

  9. Divided Nation Nat Turner opposed Slavery

  10. Divided Nation Parents owned slaves but spoke out against slavery as abolitionist Grimke Sisters

  11. Divided Nation Split the country in two and disallowed slavery North of a certain line of latitude Missouri Compromise

  12. Divided Nation Line of Latitude that split the U.S. half free and half slave 36-30

  13. Divided Nation South Carolina refused to abide by a tariff in 1828 and President Jackson threatens military force to enforce it. Nullification Crisis

  14. Divided Nation The idea that a state has more power that the national government State’s Rights Ideology

  15. Divided Nation Leader from South Carolina that refused to abide by Tariff of 1832; former Vice President John C. Calhoun

  16. Divided Nation Pamphlet written by John C. Calhoun arguing S.C. had the right to declare Tariff Null & Void South Carolina Exposition & Protest

  17. Divided Nation Document written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison that influences John C. Calhoun VA & KY Resolutions

  18. Divided Nation Bill passed by U.S. Congress giving President Andrew Jackson authority to use military force in the Nullification Crisis Force Bill

  19. Divided Nation The division of the United States into two separate regions Sectionalism

  20. Divided Nation The idea that God wanted Americans to own all land from Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Manifest Destiny

  21. Divided Nation Central argument in Congress that arose when territories applied for statehood Expansion of Slavery

  22. Divided Nation States entered either as slave or free would throw this off Balance of Power - Congress

  23. Divided Nation War between the U.S. and Mexico over the border Mexican American War

  24. Divided Nation Proposal in Congress to disallow slavery in the lands acquired in Mexican Cession Wilmot Proviso

  25. Divided Nation The Main goal of the Wilmot Proviso was to? Stop the Spread of Slavery

  26. Divided Nation New Mexico established, Popular sovereignty New Mexico, California free state, fugitive slave law, slave trade abolished in D.C. Compromise of 1850

  27. Divided Nation States get to determine for themselves through elections if they will be slave or free Popular Sovereignty

  28. Divided Nation Nat Turner was dedicated to the Opposition of Slavery

  29. Divided Nation Goal of the Wilmot Proviso was Stop the Spread of Slavery

  30. SSUSH 9 U.S. History

  31. Divided Nation The purpose of the Civil War expanded to including freeing the slaves in the? Emancipation Proclamation

  32. Divided Nation This justified a moral basis for the war effort? Gettysburg Address

  33. Divided Nation Repealed Missouri Compromise of 1820 and granted popular sovereignty to states to determine slave issue Kansas-Nebraska Act

  34. Divided Nation States get to determine for themselves through elections if they will be slave or free Popular Sovereignty

  35. Divided Nation An example of how popular sovereignty failed to settle issue of expansion of slavery Bleeding Kansas

  36. Divided Nation Supreme Court case that determined that no African American – even if free- could not be considered a citizen. Further, the court determined that popular sovereignty and the Missouri Compromise of 1820 were unconstitutional. Dred Scott Case

  37. Divided Nation An attempt to capture the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, VA to arm slaves for rebellion John Brown’s Raid

  38. Divided Nation The act of a state to separate from the United States Secession

  39. Divided Nation Incident that caused South Carolina to secede from the Unites States in 1861 Election of Abraham Lincoln

  40. Divided Nation Lincoln’s primary goal in the Civil War Save (Preserve) the Union

  41. Divided Nation “With malice toward none, with charity for all.” Lincoln expressed need to rebuild and not punish south. 2nd Inaugural Address

  42. Divided Nation “A new birth of freedom.” Speech dedicating a cemetery on the sight of a battlefield. Gettysburg Address

  43. Divided Nation Presidential emergency powers to deny possible spies right to go before a court Suspension of Habeas Corpus

  44. Divided Nation General of Army of the Potomac; accepted surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee Ulysses S. Grant

  45. Divided Nation Confederate General; won Battle of Bull Run; Died in battle shot by his own men accidentally. “Stonewall” Jackson

  46. Divided Nation General of the Army of Northern Virginia; Surrendered to General U.S. Grant Robert E. Lee

  47. Divided Nation Destroyed Atlanta and went on March to the Sea to Savannah destroying South William T. Sherman

  48. Divided Nation President of the Confederate States of America (CSA). President for the South. Jefferson Davis

  49. Divided Nation Place where the Civil War began Fort Sumter

  50. Divided Nation Bloodiest single day battle in the Civil War. Lee’s failure to win it encouraged Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation Antietam