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  1. WORLD CONGRESS ON ART DÉCO   RIO DE JANEIRO -  August 14 - 21 2011 Pre – Congress SÃO PAULO - August 11 - 13 2011

  2. THE WORLD CONGRESSES ON ART DÉCOBarbara Capitman, founder, in 1976, of the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) created the concept for the World Congress on Art Déco in 1989. During an “organizing symposium” held shortly before her death in 1990, the National Coalition of Art Déco Societies, which subsequently was renamed the International Coalition of Art Déco Societies (ICADS), was established.The enthusiastic response to the first World Congress, hosted by MDPL in 1991, led to the decision to continue the World Congress as a biennal event. Alternating between United States and non-United States host cities, ICADS has since convened every two years: 1993 – Perth, Western Australia1995 – London and Brighton, England1997 – Los Angeles, California, USA1999- Napier, New Zealand2001 – Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA2003 – Cape Town, South Africa2005 – New York, New York, USA2007 – Melbourne, Australia2009 – Montréal, Canada2011 – Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAfter a presentation by me in Montréal, 2009, Rio de Janeiro was officially selected by ICADS as the host for 2011, and the first South American and latin city to be chosen. The World Congresses have served to foster greater appreciation for the infinite expressions of Art Déco, encouraged scholarship, tourism and historic preservation.

  3. RIO DE JANEIRO HOSTS THE 11 TH WORLD CONGRESS ON ART DECO,2011Brazil, as the 10th Economy in the world, comes from a rich recent past, when Art Déco was introduced to the universe, developing extraordinary examples of this movement/style. Façade of the Department of Labor - Presidente Antônio Carlos Ave. - DowntownMarajoara´s House - Paissandú´s Street - Flamengo Biarritz Building - Flamengo's Beach

  4. In three new books about the style, among many others, we can find Rio and Brazil as source of Art Déco:1 - “Art Deco Style”, Bevis Hillier/Stephen Escritt, Phaidon. London, 1997 pages 197 to 2012 -“Art Deco 1910-1939” , edited by Tim Benton and others, V&A Publications, 2003 pages 396 to 405 (French edition)3 -“Art Deco” J. Miller, edited by Gründ , 2005 (French Edition) pages 18 and 19 Basbaum´s ResidenceUrbano Santos Street - Urca

  5. Rio de Janeiro, for more than two hundred years Brazil’s Capital, preserves a quantity of buildings estimated on more than 300 good examples. One of the “Seven Modern Wonders of the World”, the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” is surely the biggest Art Déco monument in the Planet.We hosted in 2004 and 2005 the “Rio’s Art Déco Week”, in the presence of many members of the ICADS. Guided tours, buildings and houses visits and lectures were provided. In the two last World Congress, in New York 2005 and Melbourne 2007 Rio and Brazilian Art Déco were present.Schedule of EventsGeneral Quarters for the Congress will be in the Lido area (Copacabana) where we find the largest collection of Art Déco buildings in Rio, and also many categories of hotels, from the Copacabana Palace to less expensive ones.Welcome cocktail (ao inves de “Gala Openining”) at the statue of Christ The Reedemer, which in 2011 is comemorating its 80th Anniversary.Three mornings of lectures, showing everything about Brazilian Art Déco, with its Marajoara Influence (Indian tribes from 400 to 1450, pre-Columbian, in the North of Brazil, which inspired many Art Déco artist); Art Déco Sertanejo (from the Northeast of this big country, and its special scheme of colours and shapes); the “Modern Art Week of 1922”, in São Paulo, source of Modern Art in Brazil; the “1931 Salon of Beaux-Arts” in Rio, the other important event to Brazilian Modernism; the vases by Gallé depicting Rio between 1904 and 1930, an intensive approach to the biggest Art Déco monument in the world, Christ The Reedemer, with the presence of the author of Landowski’s “catalogue raisonné”, Mrs Michèle Lefrançois, and the grand-grand daughter of the author of the project, Ms. Bel Noronha.

  6. We are very proud to announce that two of the most known specialists of International Art Déco have accepted our invitation to participate in those mornings: Alberto Shayo, who wrote three books on Demetre Chiparus, Camille Fauré and Ferdinand Preiss; and Alastair Duncan, who will be very glad to present in an autograph session his new “huge” book (to be released soon) “Art Deco Complete”, besides repeating the presentation he did in December 2007, during “A Casa Art Déco”, about “Important Art Déco Houses in the World”Three afternoons of guided tours to the different locations (Copacabana, “Centro”, Flamengo, Urca) where we can find the best examples of Art Déco in the city, as, for example, the Statue of the Christ; the first Art Déco skyscraper in Latin America (built in 1928 by the same architect of the Copacabana Palace, the Frenchman Joseph Gire); the Casa Basbaum, a magnificent example of Art Déco mansion; the Roxy Movie Theather, one of the last Art Déco examples recently restored; the “official” Art Déco buildings constructed during Vargas dictatorship, visit to Carmem Miranda Museum, etc.One day tour to the “Quitandinha”, a casino and hotel decorated by Dorothy Draper, in the skirts of Rio, Petropolis, published in many articles and books about Mrs. DD.”

  7. PRE – CONGRESS IN SÃO PAULO - AUGUST 11, 12, 13 - 2010 Welcome Cocktail at Town Hall (arch. Piacentini, 1939)

  8. PRE – CONGRESS IN SÃO PAULO - AUGUST 11, 12, 13 - 2010 Visits to Instituto Biologico (arch. Mario Whately, 1928), Biblioteca Mario de Andrade (arch. Jacques Pilon, 1933), Banco de São Paulo (arch. Álvaro Botelho, 1935) etc.

  9. PRE – CONGRESS IN SÃO PAULO - AUGUST 11, 12, 13 - 2010 Lunch at Jockey Club (arch. Henri Sajous, 1941), with panels by Dunand and Brecheret.

  10. Seminar with lectures about brazilian Art Deco master sculptor Victor Brecheret, about architect Gregori Warchvachik who introduced Modernism in Brazil, etc Visit to Pinacoteca de São Paulo collection of bronzes and paintings of the Deco era.