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2014 JABSOM Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Mentoring Program

2014 JABSOM Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Mentoring Program. Presented by the JABSOM Faculty Development Program June 3 – July 29, 2014 (Tuesdays, weekly) 4:00-5:30pm MEB 224T. JABSOM Faculty Development Program. Rosanne Harrigan, EdD, MS, APRN-Rx, FAAN

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2014 JABSOM Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Mentoring Program

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  1. 2014 JABSOM Promotion and Tenure Dossier Preparation Mentoring Program Presented by the JABSOM Faculty Development Program June 3 – July 29, 2014 (Tuesdays, weekly) 4:00-5:30pm MEB 224T

  2. JABSOM Faculty Development Program Rosanne Harrigan, EdD, MS, APRN-Rx, FAAN Director of Faculty Affairs Department Chair, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Kakaako, MEB 224K 692-0909 harrigan@hawaii.edu Lori Emery, MEd Faculty Development Program Manager Kakaako, Office of the Dean 692-0884 lmatsuza@hawaii.edu http://jabsom.hawaii.edu/facdev

  3. Introductions • Name • Department • Current Rank • Rank Applying For • Number of Years at JABSOM • Office Location • Research Focus/Clinical Area of Expertise

  4. DOSSIER PREPARATION MENTORING PROGRAM Session #1 Tuesday, June 3, 2014 • How will this program help me? • Where do I find information/resources? • Overview of application, criteria/guidelines, review process • External reviewers • CV • Who am I statement

  5. How will this program help me? • Help you understand the promotion/tenure application process (including levels of review, deadlines, filling out the application form, criteria and guidelines) • Provide mentoring/feedback from senior faculty • Provide you tips and strategies to put together a successful dossier • Provide an overview of the different sections of the dossier • Help keep you on track to have a completed dossier by the end of the program

  6. Introduction to Promotion/Tenure at UH/JABSOM • UH Manoa Process • For UH compensated faculty only • Multi-level review process • Timetable: Oct-June • Requires filling out application form and assembly of a dossier

  7. Where can I find resources/information on promotion/tenure? • UH Manoa Promotion/Tenure Website http://manoa.hawaii.edu/ovcaa/faculty/tenure_promotion_contract_renewal/ • JABSOM Faculty Development Website http://jabsom.hawaii.edu/facdev/TenureAndPromo/?tab=TenureAndPromo • UH and JABSOM Promotion and Tenure Workshops • Chair, Senior Peers, Past Applicants, JABSOM Faculty Development Program • JABSOM Dossier Sample Library (contact Lori Emery) • Manoa Faculty Mentoring Program Dossier Library http://www.fmp.hawaii.edu/dossier_lists.html

  8. Related Documents • 2009-2015 Agreement between UHPA and BOR-UH (Faculty Contract) • 2014-2015 Manoa Criteria and Guidelines (including BOR minimum qualifications - Policy 9-2) • JABSOM M-Faculty Series Criteria (as applicable; usually for MD faculty who have clinical duties only) • Department Procedures and Criteria (as applicable, check with your Dept Chair)

  9. Make Sure You Meet the Requirements/Criteria! • Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for each rank (including years of service and educational requirements) • Make sure you meet all applicable criteria (University, school, department – as applicable) • School criteria is the JABSOM M-series criteria (typically for MD faculty who have clinical duties) • Check with your department to see if there are any applicable departmental criteria that you must meet

  10. Review Process – Notifications and Negative Recommendations (refer to Page 15-16 of the 2013 Criteria/Guidelines) • All applicants notified by Vice Chancellor’s Office of TPRC recommendation (late-Feb to mid-Mar) • Negative recommendations • Notified by Dean after Dean’s review (Dec) • Notified by Vice Chancellor’s Office after TPRC review (late-Feb to mid-Mar) • Rebuttal process – faculty may review dossier and submit rebuttal within 10 days • Dossier reviewed again by TPRC (if TPRC vote is negative); otherwise goes directly to Chancellor

  11. What is a Dossier? 2 main parts(to be completed by applicant): • UH Promotion and Tenure Application Form (form-fillable online) • Statement of Endeavors and Supporting Materials (information you include in this section will be dependent upon your faculty series and academic/professional work that you do)

  12. Application Parts 1-4(To be completed by applicants) • Part 1: Employment Details • Part 2: Criteria and Guidelines • Part 3: Credentials and Experience • Part 4: Endeavors

  13. Application Parts 5-9 (To be completed by reviewers) • Part 5 – Departmental Assessment (DPC and Dept Chair) • Part 6 – Dean’s Assessment • Part 7 – TPRC Assessment • Part 8 – Request to Examine Dossier (for negative recommendations only) • Part 9 – Chancellor’s Recommendation Reviewers at each level will insert their written assessment and recommendation (vote) into your dossier.

  14. Part 4 (material to be included dependent upon your faculty series) Statement of Endeavors • Instructional Activities • Research/Scholarly Activities • Service Activities • Other (such as Clinical Activities) Supporting Materials • Teaching Evaluations • Bibliography • Peer Evaluations of Contributions • Other

  15. External Evaluators: Requirements and Purpose • External Evaluators should be at or above the rank you are applying for • Be respected scholars in related fields who are not at UH-Manoa • Applicants should not contact possible external evaluators; Dept Chair solicits external evaluations • Should be professionally capable to assess your work objectively and comment on its significance in the discipline • Purpose is to obtain an opinion about the scholarly contributions which applicant has made and not to determine whether applicant would receive promotion/tenure at another institution

  16. External Evaluators: Solicitation Process • Applicant provides 3-5 names and contact information of possible external reviewers to Dept Chair • Dept Chair (in consultation with the DPC Chair) identifies 2-3 more names • Chair should secure total of at least 4-6 letters (comparable number from applicant list and from dept list) • Chair to send letter of request, one page summary highlighting applicant’s contributions (recommended), applicant’s CV (required), copies of reprints of applicant’s major publications (if practical, not required), and copies of applicable criteria (required) • Letters are confidential and not shown to applicant

  17. CV • Keep your CV up-to-date • Summary of academic and professional accomplishments • Will be sent to external reviewers • See sample for suggested format • Helpful for promotion/tenure preparation and annual feedback

  18. “Who Am I ?” Exercise • Think about “Who Am I” and draft a brief (one-page) summary to highlight your most significant contributions that you would want reviewers to know about you • This summary should be sent along with your CV to external reviewers • This summary will also serve as a guide for expanding upon your Statement of Endeavors in each of the areas of Teaching, Research, Service, and Clinical (as applicable) • Brief narrative with bullet point format • Explain clearly (in layman’s terms) what you do and the impact and significance of your scholarly work and your expertise

  19. To Do By Next Session: • Draft “Who Am I” summary and briefly highlight (bullet point) your academic and professional contributions in the areas of Teaching, Research, Service, and Clinical (as applicable), about a page in length • Update CV • Start thinking of at least 3 possible external reviewers • Review application form, guidelines, and all applicable criteria for rank applying for • Confirm with your Dept Chair if your department has additional dept criteria that you must meet • Make appointment to consult with your Dept Chair about your readiness to apply NEXT SESSION JUNE 10

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