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  1. By alyssaandersson Sharks

  2. Sharks environment.. • They live in the ocean. The are one of the top predators in the ocean. They eat fish, turtle, dolphins, and dead organisms. They are known as the garbage cans of the ocean because they clean up , by eating the organisms that have died so the bacteria of the dead organism doesn’t harm the other fish. But there just looking at it as another nice meal.

  3. Humans! >:( • Humans are there only organisms that kill them, and there numbers are starting to decrease because of that. They kill them for there fins, because some people eat the fins and some kill them just because they want to. But its rear for people to kill them for there meat. Humans are wasting sharks because after they cut of there fins the just through them back into the ocean alive, so they suffocate because they cant swim, so the sink to the bottom. ;(

  4. Humans and sharks Sharks do not hunt humans on purpose. Humans are just scared of them because some sharks do attack humans but..have you ever heard of a shark eat a person all the way? No, you haven't because they bit humans because there curious about, what is invading there space.

  5. :)

  6. The solution. • There are some people that are coming together to protect sharks. But its not enough to stop the fisherman from killing them. The government is trying to make a law, to make fisherman only get a certain amount of sharks. But that law doesn’t mean that the fisherman are going to listen. So we need to come together and make the fisherman's season less so the sharks have time to catch up on there population. So they wont become extinct.