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Part I Hair in History

Part I Hair in History A Perspective in Culture and Society Ancient Egyptians (3000 BC – 300 BC) Hair was of great importance in Egyptian society. Ancient Greeks (1100 BC –300 BC) Hair was regarded as a means of personal expression and a form of social communication.

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Part I Hair in History

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  1. Part IHair in History A Perspective in Culture and Society

  2. Ancient Egyptians(3000 BC – 300 BC) Hair was of great importance in Egyptian society.

  3. Ancient Greeks(1100 BC –300 BC) Hair was regarded as a means of personal expression and a form of social communication.

  4. The Middle Ages(5th – 14th century) Hairstyles reflected the many changes in fashion as a result of many new trade routes.

  5. Elizabethan Times(1558-1603 AD) Wigs became popular in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

  6. The French Aristocracy (18th century) Prior to the French Revolution Marie Antoinette epitomized “the bigger the better!”

  7. Colonial America(17th-18th century) It was fashionable for men to wear wigs.

  8. African-American Slaves(17th century – 19th century) Hairstyles brought from Africa were a way for slaves to keep their culture alive.

  9. Native Americans This picture depicts a traditional Hopi Indian hairstyle.

  10. Chinese Tradition Fetal hair from a baby is cut, then tied with a red string and saved.

  11. Victorian Era(1830s –1900) Hair was used in art during the Victorian period. Typical mourning brooch with loved one’s hair Artwork made from human hair

  12. The 1900s After the Victorian era women began to let their hair down.

  13. Early 20th century In the 1920s short hair was popularized by silent movie star Louise Brooks.

  14. Mid 20th CenturyThe Afro Introduced in the1960s, the Afro was a repudiation against the use of hair straighteners that helped mimic Caucasian hair.

  15. The Long-Haired Hippies1960s-1970s The long hair many hippies sported symbolized defiance against “the establishment.”

  16. Anarchy Punk rockers also found a style that symbolized revolt against government.

  17. 21st century Today, much of Hollywood determines the latest trends and cultures in hairstyles.

  18. How much is enough? Today there are so many hair care products to chose from!

  19. Part II The Bald Truth

  20. Why do people shave?

  21. Monks Both men and women monks shave their heads to symbolize religious devotion.

  22. Hasidic Jewish Custom Some Hasidic Jewish women shave their heads to symbolize marriage.

  23. These groups shave for political reasons. Neo-Nazis & Skinheads

  24. Medical Reasons Cancer patients often shave when undergoing chemotherapy.

  25. Welcome to Boot Camp! A new military recruit receives a haircut.

  26. Hair Quotes “The hair is the richest ornament of women.” - Martin Luther (15th century) “A woman’s crowning glory.” – Unknown “If a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.” – The Bible (Corinthians I 11:15)

  27. Samson & Delilah In this Biblical story, Samson discovers that his strength comes from his hair.

  28. Greek Mythology Medusa’s hair was turned into serpents by Athena.

  29. Fairytales After Rapunzel betrays the witch, her long hair is cut.

  30. Hemingway His works are some examples of female identity in modern literature.

  31. Witches Witches Females thought to be witches were shaved by those looking for the “Devil’s Mark”

  32. France - Post WWII Women thought to be Nazi sympathizers were publicly shaven and humiliated.

  33. Bald Men are often viewed as heroes Sports star Michael Jordan

  34. Or respected actors Actor Patrick Stewart as Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard

  35. And Rarely Noticed Would you give the bald man in this crowd a second glance?

  36. When a Woman chooses to shaveit is assumed she is…

  37. Rebellious Rock star Sinead O’Connor shaved her head when her record label wanted her to dress like a doll.

  38. Suffering from Sickness Melissa Etheridge sported her bald head while undergoing chemotherapy.

  39. Or just plain crazy The world went wild when Britney Spears shaved her head earlier this year.

  40. Part III My Story

  41. In 2nd grade A natural redhead

  42. No longer natural 6th grade - 1979

  43. High School Graduation 1986 Grew just enough hair back to be free again

  44. Ironman Wisconsin 2002 I never thought I’d make it!

  45. My driver’s license taken 2004 What was I holding onto?

  46. Heads Up!

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