it s election time n.
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It’s Election time ! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Election time !

It’s Election time !

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It’s Election time !

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  1. It’s Election time! What issues are important to you? Who do you think will be a good MP?

  2. Big Fish Party Teach kids in schools how to fillet a fish. Ban trawling in cast lines. Build more fish farms for breeding fish.Haveeco friendly fishing nets so dolphins don’t get caught. Make fish less expensive, and keep it fresh. Make more fish and chip shops, and give free fish and chips on Tuesdays and Sundays

  3. Big Vote- Big Fish Vote Marty MarlinBig Fish Party

  4. Plastic Fantastic Party Make plastic house on the streets for people to live in. All tax will be paid with plastic money. Use recycled plastic to make lego sets for schools Instead of putting plastic in the bin donate it to your local school so they can make toys out of it to play with at playtime. Collect plastic rubbish and use to make interesting sculptures for parks. Raise money so schools can have more environmentally friendly chairs, desks, outdoor seats etc.

  5. Vote Plastic- Vote Fantastic! Vote Penny Disco Plastic Fantastic Party

  6. Purple Pants Party Purple uniforms for all schools. You have to wear purple pants to work. Plant lots of purple flowers. Fly purple pants instead of flags. Use recycled clothes to make insulation for houses. Paint purple pants on the roads instead on white lines.

  7. Don’t be bland- be PURPLE Vote Carlos Trousers Purple Pants Party

  8. Settle Down Party Free sofas for schools. Give homeless people free homes and meals with no electricity bills. Use sofas used instead of park benches. If your chairs are old and tired give themto the SttleDown Party and they will make them into new chairs. We will build chairs that change colour to suit your mood. We will build time machines so we can travel back in time and give cave men sofas to sit on, not rocks!

  9. Vote for the Settle Down Party and we will toss you a good book! Vote Chloe Sofa Settle Down Party

  10. Sling Your Hook Party Everyone given free fishing rods. Have more fishing classes and fishing trips for schools. Have a limit on the amount of fish you can catch out of the sea. We will make more rock climbing places. Put hooks up the middle of the road to stop people going over the white lines.

  11. Vote for us- see what you catch! Vote Hayley Hang-Up Sling Your Hook Party

  12. Top Dog Party Tax paid in dog food Have classes in how to care for dogs. Build a dog gym so that when the dogs run on a treadmill it makes eco friendly energy. Build special dog walking lanes on roads. More money will be paid to the SPCA to save dogs Build more dog houses with warmth so dogs feel at home.

  13. Vote Man’s best friend: they’ll never let you down! Vote Roger RottweilerTop Dog Party

  14. Haere Mai Party Every radio show will have a ‘Haere Mai’ at some p0int in the day to welcome any people coming home or visiting. More kapahakaclasses in schools. We will do tours around the House of epresentativesand around the Beehive so people in New Zealand can learn about how their country is run. More envirocamps so people children can learn abou their environment When you come to live permanently in New Zealand you don’t have to pay rent for 2 years

  15. Don’t be sad, be Welcome in New Zealand Vote Hone MairangiHaere Mai Party

  16. Your 2 Votes count Vote for the candidate you would like to have as the MP Vote for your favourite party The candidate with the most votes wins the electorate seat for the Bounty Bar electorate and will represent all the people who live in the Bounty Bar electorate in parliament. The party votes are counted, and the party gets MPs into parliament according to how many party votes it got. So, if a party gets a quarter of the party votes, they have a quarter of the MPs in parliament.

  17. Polling Day Tuesday 16th September 9.00am-12.30pm Ruma Kotuku All students and staff of Diamond Harbour school are registered voters.