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Robust Vocabulary

Robust Vocabulary

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Robust Vocabulary

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  1. Robust Vocabulary Words with power!

  2. “Let’s Tap” by Alex Moran

  3. bothered Bothered means you are upset or unhappy about something.

  4. bothered I am bothered when someone has the TV on too loud. Which noise would bother you, soft music or thunder? Why?

  5. bothered If you missed your favorite television program, would you be bothered? Why or why not? What are some things that bothered you. What did you do to make things better?

  6. distance If you are at a distance from someone or something, you are far away or not close.

  7. distance We can see the beach in the distance.What can you see at a distance?

  8. distance If you walked from your room to the kitchen, would that be a long distance? Do you think it would be a long distance for an ant? If a friend lives a long distance from you, how would you talk to your friend?

  9. formIf you form something, you make it or shape it.

  10. formPat used some wet sand to form a wall.I can use clay to forman animal shape.

  11. form What could you use to form the letters in your name- a ruler or a pencil?

  12. attentionIf you pay attention, you listen or watch very carefully.

  13. attention The children paid attention when they learned to tap dance.

  14. attention Imagine that you want to cross the street. What should you pay attention to? Why? What is something you might NOT want to pay attention to? Explain why.

  15. performIf you perform, you do something such as sing, dance, act or read for a group of people.

  16. perform The children could perform the dance together. It was exciting to perform on the stage for the audience.

  17. perform Which would you like to perform- a dance, a song, a poem or a play? Why? If you were about to perform a play on a stage, how would you feel?

  18. supportive If you are supportive of someone, you help them believe they can do something.

  19. supportiveThe children were helpful and supportive of each other.

  20. supportiveWhat is a good way for me to be supportive of you- by helping you learn new things or by letting you play games all day? Name someone who is supportive of you.