pulse 2012 overview for tug bangalore n.
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Pulse 2012 Overview for TUG, Bangalore PowerPoint Presentation
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Pulse 2012 Overview for TUG, Bangalore

Pulse 2012 Overview for TUG, Bangalore

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Pulse 2012 Overview for TUG, Bangalore

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  1. Pulse 2012 Overview for TUG, Bangalore March 17, 2012

  2. Bird’s Eye view of Pulse 2012 • Pulse – WW Tivoli Conference in Las Vegas • Annual Event • Roadmaps, Client testimonials, Strategy, Industry trends … • Pulse 2012 • Leading edge IBM conference • Themes: Cloud, Security, Mobile Enterprise, and Smarter Physical Infrastructure • Super Participation • 22 Tracks • 350 Client Speakers • Over 8000 total attendees • An interactive and integrated experience

  3. Pulse 2012 communication channels w3 Community for team collaboration Social Media Aggregator Call for speakers Virtual event with Live Q&A with SMA integration Drive to attend videos YouTube channel Livestream SmartSite with Native Apps 3

  4. Pulse 2012 Pre-event Videos Over 12 videos created for Pulse 2012

  5. Pulse Social Network – Pulse on Twitter: on Facebook: on YouTube: Tivoli Linked In Group Pulse on Flickr: Pulse blog: Pulse SmartSite Pulse Sample Agenda Buidler Pulse was streamed on and

  6. Social Pulse Onsite • Streamed all keynotes via Livestream • Twitter Q&A with Steve Wozniak, Grady Booch • Interviewed high profile attendees for Livestream • Produced and streamed daily “shows” from interview footage • Pulse Daily News on Pulse blog and Smartsite Mobile native application with daily news • Grady Booch - Computing: The Human Experience • Daily Social media clinics for clients, partners in TUC space Technical and LOB expert onsite and satellite blogging • Roving reporters

  7. Computing: The Human Experience Grady Booch needs your help in telling a story, the story of the technology that has changed humanity: computing. Why Is Computing Important? Because the story of computing is the story of humanity. Computing is a story of ambition, passion, invention, creativity, vision, avarice, and serendipity, powered by a refusal to accept the limits of our bodies and our minds. From the abacus to the iPad, from Gutenberg to Google, from Enigma to GPS, we have created computers to count the uncountable, remember beyond our own experiences, and see the invisible as well as the unforeseeable. In just one or two generations – an imperceptible time in the timeless sweep of the universe – we have created a technology that has the power to extend us, to transform us, to define us, perhaps even to destroy us. Computing: The Human Experience will have a video booth for you to record your 2-3 minute story. And we will post the best ones on Computing's YouTube channel. Some ideas to get you started: How has computing changed who you are?  What is your first memory or experience of computing? What are your hopes for your children in this digital world we live in? Come be a part of telling the world that computing is more than machines and software - it is about people!

  8. Twitter Q&A on Livestream with Woz • @grady_booch interviewed @stevewoz during Day Three General Session • This session was broadcast live on Livestream at and @grady_booch @stevewoz

  9. Post Conference: Content Reuse In addition to our Livestream and social media video capture, we are also collecting video content for multiple reuse agendas, including PCTY and marketing assets. • 50 Client Video Interviews* • 30 IBM Presentation recordings • 3 General Sessions • 4 Stream Keynotes Pulse 2012 videos can be found post conference at: • The Pulse YouTube channel at & • *client videos require 6 weeks of post production and will be posted on