sap real estate management rapid deployment solution v2 605 n.
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SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution V2.605 PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution V2.605

SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution V2.605

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SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution V2.605

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  1. SAP Real Estate Managementrapid-deployment solution V2.605 Solution Details

  2. Contents Introduction to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Overview of the Solution Solution in Detail • Investment and construction management • Lease and space management • Maintenance and repair management Service Delivery Technical Details

  3. Introduction to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

  4. Today’s reality… “ “ • Statistics state that up to 70% of IT projects run late, over-budget, or do not meet planned goals…Consequently, implementation risk is a critical factor… • From “Introducing Packaged Solutions” by Michael Krigsman • Now when companies think about implementing an application, they really want to implement an integrated solution. • Henry D. Morris, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Software and Services, IDC • Customers today want choices in how they scope, configure, and deploy business software. • Peter M. Russo, Managing Director of Pierre Audoin Consultants

  5. You want to… • … ensure the most predictable and fastest time to business value • … deliver the integration the business demands to start and grow without compromises • … choose from a modular ready to use portfolio of solution, deployment and pricing options

  6. SAP and a global partner ecosystem offer Rapid Deployment Solutions to meet specific business needs… • Software • Quickly address the most urgent business processes • Content • SAP best practices, templates and tools make solution adoption easier • Enablement • Guides and educational material speed end user adoption • Service • Fixed scope and price provides maximum predictability and lowers risk SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Rapid Deployment Solutions Software Service Content Enablement

  7. … which allow predictability, out-of-the-box integration and adoption choices as business demands • Predictability • Fast value in days/weeks • Fixed cost and fixed best practice scope • Integration • Integrated start and growth options • Immediate and future IT and business processes landscape integrity • Choice • Modular packages to meet specific business needs and allow individual adoption paths • Flexible licensing and deployment options SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

  8. Why have customers chosen SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions? • 8 • Weeksto go-live • 15% • Reduction in project costs • 4 • Weeks implementation

  9. Delivered by SAP or qualified partners • Large Global Partner Ecosystem maximizes availability of and choice within the Rapid Deployment Solutions portfolio • System integrators and value-added resellers provide industry and LoB specific capabilities and expertise • Cloud partners provide the deployment options to match your business needs

  10. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions define a new standard for business solution adoption across the SAP Portfolio Solution Portfolio Industry & LoB Deployment Innovations Business Solutions On demand Mobility On premise Analytics HANA Technology On device

  11. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions support all use cases along your adoption path Predictability Integration Choice From zero to ERP baseline in one goIndustry & geography-ready Start New business and user capabilities – that fit with your existing footprint LoB or industry-specific, mobile, business analytics, collaboration Grow, extend, innovate

  12. Get the most out of your business – NOW! • Quickly meeting your most pressing business needs on unprecedented predictability to adopt and manage business solutions • Enabling strategic business adoption paths with out-of-the-box integration for start and grow options as your business demands • Giving choice by providing a modular and well defined portfolio of solution options together with a Global Partner Ecosystem

  13. Overview of the solution • With the SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution, you can quickly and affordably implement and automate real estate related business processes. • You can effectively align cross-functional stakeholders to manage real estate in a collaborative way and deliver on strategic goals.

  14. Make Better Use of Your Real Estate PortfolioQuickly and Affordably Real estate lifecycle management has been playing an increasingly important role over the past years. This should be no surprise considering that, in most companies, real estate represents their balance sheets’ largest financial asset and is one of their highest operating costs. With this in mind, optimized real estate lifecycle management can have a significant impact on the bottom line. With the SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution, you can quickly and affordably implement and automate real estate related business processes, letting you manage the entire real estate lifecycle in a strategic way that optimizes returns for your business. The solution provides support for end-to-end construction and investment management, lease and space management, and maintenance and repair. You can develop, construct, operate, and deploy property and make costs more visible and controllable, so you can successfully face challenges from compliance, sustainability, and competitive pressure. • Inefficient real estate operations limit scalability and constrain the profitability of a real estate portfolio • A lack of insight into your portfolio, due to multiple and inaccurate real estate data sources, makes reporting and compliance inefficient and manually intensive • Costs and risk are out of control because of inconsistent process controls for planning and procurement and mismanagement of expenditures

  15. Business process scope covered • Coverage of real estate core processes • Easier matching of business requirements and related solution by comprehensive documentation • Reduced implementation effort by default configuration

  16. Benefits for you • Increased sales, rentals, or occupancy rates • Improved forecasting for construction projects of all sizes • Increased employee productivity • Reduced costs for meeting legal compliance reporting • Reduced order-to-cash cycle times • Procurement savings increases year over year • Operational excellence and greater scalability is enabled by automated process integration, providing a consistent view of your business • Centralized sources automate full portfolio insight and support full legal compliance • Costs and risk are minimized through comprehensive monitoring of real estate processes and operations expenditures • Better visibility, greater process standardization and integration, and automated collaboration with service providers help real estate managers operate more effectively and boost their portfolios’ profitability

  17. Investment and construction management • Analyze your portfolio, track investment decisions, bid out and award construction services, monitor projects and contractors, and manage cash for adequate funding.

  18. Investment and construction management:scope and benefits • Manage investments and projects of all types and sizes • Keep projects on track, and closely monitor budgets • Have fast, comprehensive, and flexible reporting on your property portfolios • Make better investment decisions • Have end-to-end process support for investment planning, property acquisition, construction, and project management • Automatically create projects based on investment decision, budget tracking, milestones, and delivery • Increase project management transparency, and reduce risk • Map acquisition and disposal contracts in a simple and flexible way • Reduce admin work with standard and automated processes and postings • Overseeing acquisition and construction projects means deciding whether, where, and when to buy, construct, or lease property and then monitoring the budget, completion times, and scope of your project. • Automating collaboration with suppliers, including the bidding and award process, can save time and keep you on top of key project dates. • SAP solutions help asset managers keep acquisitions and construction projects of all sizes on track while helping executives align projects with corporate strategy. • The software links investment planning and property acquisition with construction project management and the procurement of related materials and services. • Controlling features support real estate managers in planning, assessing, and settling costs and revenues for real estate objects in the property portfolio. • Reporting features give real estate and asset managers essential information on real estate objects, contracts, and related processes, facilitating strategic and operative decision making.

  19. In the system • Key process flows covered • Controlling • Reporting • Investment and construction – investment planning • Investment and construction – construction project • Property acquisition • Property disposal

  20. Lease and space management • Standardize and automate recurring lease administration activities, such as rent escalation, renewals, and periodic postings to save time and effort and free up capacity for more strategic tasks. • Accelerate leasing processes and elevate occupancy and tenant retention rates and their associated revenues.

  21. Lease and space management: scope and benefits • Create more transparency in your property portfolio • Optimize space utilization and reduce vacancies • Enhance building operations • Reduce overhead costs on lease administration • Gain full control and visibility of leases and critical dates • Improve tenant relationships • Standardize and automate recurring lease administration activities • Increase rental income and decrease rental costs • Improve decision making • Help ensure compliance to all financial reporting standards • It is particularly important that you manage leases efficiently, minimize expense lease payments, meet lease-out deadlines, maximize income leases, and gain full visibility on your real estate portfolio. • To improve lease performance and increase space utilization, you must carefully plan and monitor costs and revenues, track space utilization, and view critical dates in real time. • You must also streamline key lease and space management processes as much as possible. SAP Real Estate Management enables you to:SAP Real Estate Management enables you to: • Handle assigned rental space, automate calculation of rents, manage periodic postings, and provide payment details • Monitor critical dates on your leases, such as lease notifications and renewals • Escalate rents based on price indexes and settle contingent rents • By leveraging reporting functions, you can make better lease and space management decisions that optimize the performance of your portfolio

  22. In the system • Key process flows covered • Lease-in, lease-out, service contract • Master data maintenance • Accounting • Index-based adjustment • Sales-based rent • Renewal • Termination

  23. Maintenance and repair management • Monitor budgets, measure energy consumption, and recover expenses from common-area maintenance. • Automate maintenance, repair, and service orders processing and control expenses.

  24. Maintenance and repair management: scope and benefits • Keep operational costs in budget • Manage facilities more efficiently • Run buildings in a sustainable manner – manage and measure energy consumption and allocate costs to tenants • Meet sustainability goals and comply with relevant regulations • Have tighter control over maintenance costs • Effective maintenance and repair management can help you avoid budget overruns that cut into your margins and bottom line. • Automating manual, paper-based processes for repairs and maintenance saves time and money. • The right support can also help you accurately track energy consumption across your various facilities. • SAP solutions help you integrate, streamline, and automate facilities operations and increase process and spending visibility. • They make it easier to: • Monitor budgets via alerts and sophisticated reporting • Create, process, and monitor maintenance and repair orders using standard processes that improve service levels • Collaborate electronically with service providers • Automatically process vendor invoices • Report energy consumption and related costs for each facility Armed with integrated functionality and timely insight, you can proactively keep projects within budget, lower processing overhead costs, consistently fulfill service-level agreements, and allocate energy consumption by location.

  25. In the system • Key process flows covered • Manage facility inspections • Manage facility maintenance • Manage facility services • Manage facility repairs

  26. Service Delivery • Rapid Deployment of SAP Real Estate Management

  27. Implement in as little as 9 weeks 1 2 3 • Start • Run • Deploy Expectations • Project management • Kick-off workshop participation • Preparing technical infrastructure • Mutually-approved scope document • Working SAP system • Implementation • Testing • Key user training • Successful rollout and adoption • Configuration documentation • User-acceptance testing • Onsite and remote support • Superior support to ensure smooth functioning Results Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

  28. Pre-defined Services for Rapid Deployment Solutions • Your path to a working SAP system: fast, efficiently and at predictable cost • Fixed-price Implementation Services • Pre-defined Project Methodology • Ready-to-use Accelerators 1 2 3 Start Deploy Run • Project management • Kick-off workshop participation • Preparing technical infrastructure • Accelerators / Deliverables • Consulting delivery guide • Project schedule • Work breakdown structure • Service delivery model, roles and responsibilities • Request for consultants template • Process descriptions • Process-flow-documents • Kick-off presentation • Consumption guide • Pre-delivery requirements and checklist • Solution realization • Testing • Knowledge transfer to key users • Accelerators / Deliverables • Installation guide • Solution documentation • Solution Manager content • Best Practices content(pre-configuration) • Configuration activities • Consulting delivery guide • Implementation content • End user training • Sign off of solution • Support • Accelerators / Deliverables • Test cases • Training materials – Process-flow recording etc. • Delivery acceptance and sign-off criteria acceptance form Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

  29. Implementation methodology 1 2 3 Start Deploy Run Kick-Off Presentation Configuration Guide Project Schedule Scoping Questionnaire Check Lists Support Portal Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

  30. Project plan and timelines 1 2 3 Start Deploy Run • Prepare Project • Kick-Off Workshop • Select Options • Check Installation • Activate Solution • Confirm Solution • Acceptance Testing • Train Key Users • Set Up Customer Data • Transport • End-User Training and Organizational ChangeManagement • Prepare Production • Project Sign-Off & Support SAP involvement Customer involvement Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

  31. Implement in as little as 9 weeks • The SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution is a preconfigured software solution based on SAP’s best practices for SAP Real Estate Management that offers rapid delivery using SAP Consulting’s proven methodology. • Full, comprehensive documentation for implementing the software supports the end-to-end process, including pre-configuration for real estate management processes based on productive use of FI (GL, AP, AR and AA) and CO and on future use of MM, PM and PS, with options to use IM and HR (mini master). • It also provides key user training materials. A special step-by-step guide describes each activity during the deployment

  32. Key deliverables • Provide the IT infrastructure (server) • Install or upgrade to the SAP ERP application, version 6.0 EHP5 on the development, quality assurance and production environments • Provide fixed contact people in the business and IT departments • Conduct end-user training and change management • Performance and integration testing • Data migration and cleansing • Transports into quality assurance and production environments • Installation check • Scoping workshop to confirm predefined requirements • Project documents: work breakdown structure including a project schedule, test scripts, and scoping questionnaire • Activation of chosen packages for the SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution in the development system • Knowledge transfer to key users on configured SAP Real Estate Management rapid-deployment solution system

  33. Project team: SAP • SAP Project Lead • Serves as a central contact person, from project initiation to hand over • On the SAP side, responsible for functional project management, coordination, support and coaching of the customer’s project manager, and so on • SAP Consultants • Responsible for implementation of the agreed upon scope for the rapid-deployment solution

  34. Project team: customer • Leading Project Manager • Serves as a central contact person, from project initiation to hand over • On your side: responsible for functional and commercial project management, coordination, overall project controlling, preparation of steering committees, and so on • Basis staff • Especially responsible for the installation and administration of the development and productive system landscapes • Functional department staff / key user • Responsible for workshops, questions from SAP, end-user training, and possibly as a power user for simple configurations • Specialized Staff (Optional) • Responsible for further specialized areas such as customization and configuration

  35. Technical Details • Software requirements

  36. System requirements • SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 (Software) • SAP Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 (Implementation Tool)

  37. System landscape

  38. SAP Rapid Deployment SolutionsThe fastest way to run your business better • Demo@SAP Service Marketplace > Solution Discovery > Demos