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Discussion Items

Discussion Items. Packing Options -Use the right packing paper for the job. International Claims Trends -What are we seeing, and how to prevent it. Inventory Photos Phone App. -How this convenient smart phone app. can protect against claims and help lower your loss ratio. .

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Discussion Items

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  1. Discussion Items • Packing Options-Use the right packing paper for the job. • International Claims Trends-What are we seeing, and how to prevent it. • Inventory Photos Phone App.-How this convenient smart phone app. can protect against claims and help lower your loss ratio.

  2. Packing Materials • Present your customers with the options available for protecting their goods. • Know which packing options are available and when they should be used. • Use the right paper for the job.

  3. Material Options Kraft Paper-Durable paper used for protecting furniture Corrugated Paper-Protect furniture, and use on walls, floors and doorways to protect against residence damage (use Kraft paper under corrugated paper, when using on furniture) Bubble Wrap-Protect electronics against impact damage. Non-Acidic Glassine-Use for paintings and fine art objects Tissue Paper-Use for crystal and delicate items Dolphin Foam-Extra protection for furniture

  4. Packing Failures Regular paper should never be used on leather furniture. Always use dolphin foam which will not stick to the leather.

  5. Packing Failures Always use non-acidic glassine with oil paintings and art objects, to prevent a reaction to paint and/or gold leafing. Another solution for paintings…..

  6. Protecting Paintings Build a floating crate Use kiln dried lumber because it prevents mold and mildew.

  7. Packing Failures Bubble Wrap impressions in the finish . Bubble Wrap Impressions

  8. Packing Failures No protection used, other than cardboard wrapped around the guitar Bubble Wrap Impressions

  9. Empty Cases and Boxes Be aware of customers tendering empty watch cases, sunglass cases, Mont Blanc pen cases, etc. Our policy has a $1000.00 per shipment cap on jewelry Properly document the tendering of empty cases on the descriptive inventory, and take photos. Be sure that the customer acknowledges that the cases are empty.

  10. Inventory Stickers Use inventory tags, instead of writing the inventory number on the items. Do not apply tape directly to the surface of furniture Do not put inventory stickers on a visible surface, as removing them may also remove the finish.

  11. Furniture Corners Properly wrap furniture corners with corrugated paper (with Kraft paper underneath) or purchase corner protectors from your material supplier.

  12. Crated Items When customers request crating for high dollar items, we have the responsibility to be sure the proper materials are used and that the items are properly secured in the crate.

  13. Crated Items Adequate Padding Used Properly Secured Adequate Materials Used

  14. Vehicle Claims • The frequency of claims filed on vehicles is higher than that of household goods. • Always take detailed photos of any pre-existing scratches, dents, mars or rust on a vehicle to protect against claims. • Make a detailed descriptive inventory. Do not “over-inventory” the vehicle.

  15. Memory Foam Mattresses • Always pack in a carton, and lay the mattress flat • Never stand the mattress on end, as it will cause the layers to separate. (the layers are glued together, and the gravity will cause the glue to give way.) • The firmness of the mattress will be affected by the temperature. • Photograph the mattress loaded into the truck • to protect against claims.

  16. Pianos Given the high value of baby grand and grand pianos, condition reports should be undertaken at origin to highlight any pre-existing damage.

  17. Prevent Costly Piano Damage Pianos should always be properly crated to prevent damage. The cost of refinishing a piano can be very expensive and, in some cases, not cost effective.

  18. Clothing and Shoe Collections Claims arising from crushing to multiple items of clothing, footwear and handbags can form the bulk of a claim. This could be mitigated at the estimation stage. Suggest additional packing materials. Inquire as to whether the customer has the original boxes for the shoes and handbags.

  19. Clothing and Shoe Collections Fail If your customer’s closet looks like this…. Take, at least, the same care to protect their shoes.

  20. Delivery Issues-Knife Cuts Use care when removing packing materials, to not cut through to the furniture.

  21. Delivery Issues • Unwrapping Furniture on the street and carrying the furniture into the home unprotected: • Gives customers the impression that their furniture was transported unprotected. • Causes more risk of damage to the furniture moving it in through doorways and hallways with no protection.

  22. Inventory Photos Phone App. www.inventoryphotos.com

  23. Questions and Concluding Remarks

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