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Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment. Enterprise Energy Management Quickly identify energy waste Reduce energy usage and costs Lower carbon emissions Agentless, network-based architecture means no costly agents. Some JouleX Customers.

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Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment

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  1. Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment • Enterprise Energy Management • Quickly identify energy waste • Reduce energy usage and costs • Lower carbon emissions • Agentless, network-based architecture means no costly agents

  2. Some JouleX Customers

  3. Several Drivers for Explosive Growth in the Energy Management Market Environment Data Center Regulatory Requirements Corporate Citizenship Competitive Pressures Escalating Energy Prices

  4. What Do We Do? • Measure Energy Consumption and Utilization of ALL network-connected devices and systems: • Distributed Office Networks – switches, PCs, Macs, VoIP phones, access points, copiers, printers, etc. • Data Centers – Physical and Virtual Servers, routers, switches, storage, etc. • Facilities – HVAC, lighting, PDU, CRACs, etc. • Energy Intelligence: • Energy Cost • Energy Usage • Energy Reduction • Carbon Emissions • Date/Time • Location • Cost Center • Energy Use Simulation • ROI Modeling • Event Based Policy • Rule Based Policy • Time Based Policy • Device Utilization • Load AdaptiveTM Computing

  5. All Networked Devices and Systems Distributed Office Network Facilities HVAC CRAC Printers Thin Clients Video Cameras Lighting Macs Access Control Systems Laptops Desktops Servers VoIP Phones Access Points Routers Switches PDU Core Switches IBM Mainframes UPS CPUs Blade Servers Virtualized Servers Servers Storage Data Center

  6. Quick Time To Value Asset Connectors Systems and Asset Management Active Directory/ LDAP Building Automation

  7. How Much Could I Possibly Save “What-If” Scenarios Scenario #1 Scenario #2 Scenario #3 Policy Save $X Save $Y SANDBOX Save $Z

  8. JouleX Operating Savings: Distributed Office Per 1000 Employees Working 9 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week… JEM Annual Savings per Device Annual Energy Cost by Device JEM Total Savings JEM Annual Savings $95 50-60% $50-60 $33,962 Desktop $35 10–20% $6-8 $1,837 Laptop $30 50-60% $15-18 $10,725 Monitors $12 50-60% $6-7 PoE AP $330 IP Phones $7 50-60% $4-5 $3,850 Results in up to $50K in Savings Annually (per 1000 employees) *Estimates 65% desktops, 35% laptops, 1 AP for every 20 employees, everyone has an IP Phone. Assumes $0.12 per kWh (kilowatt-hour). Based on powering down 10 hours/night, 24 hours on weekends. Laptops are 10-20% based on low percentage left in office at night and weekends.

  9. JouleX Operating Savings: Data Center Per 1000 Data Center Servers Total Annual Savings JEM Annual Savings per Server Direct Costs Annual Energy Cost by Server JEM Annual Savings Retire Dead Servers $40,000 10% $400 100% $400 Upgrade Servers 5% $5,000 $400 25% $100 $68,000 Virtualize Servers 20%10:1 $400 85% $400 Power Cap Servers $19,200 30% $400 16% $64 Total Annual Savings Annual Savings per Server Annual Indirect Costs by Server Indirect Costs Annual Savings Retire Dead Servers (Licenses, Support & Maint) 10% $500 100% $500 $50,000 1.5 PUE Cooling Savings $198,300 $400 100% $400 Results in up to $380K in Savings Annually per 1000 servers *Estimates assume $.12/kWh. 10% or 100 retired servers save $400 each. 5% or 50 servers are upgraded and save $100 each per year because new servers are more energy efficient. 20% or 200 servers are virtualized at a ratio of 10:1. Therefore, 200 servers are replaced with 20 servers costing $600 in energy/server. 30% of servers or 300 can be power capped 8 hrs/day consuming 50% less power/cost for those hours, saving 16%. Indirect savings costs/server are from software licenses , support and maintenance. Cooling savings is based on 1.5 PUE.

  10. JouleX / Value Proposition • Sell more networking infrastructure: upgrades, competitive wins, expansion into other energy domains • VoIP (deep sleep feature) • Server (power-capping) • PoE+ and VDI support • Demonstrate the value Monitor, measure, analyze and control: • ~100 EW-compatible products (plug and play) • Identify and measure all network and endpoint devices • 100% coverage of all IP-connected and non-IP connected devices • Easily power-manage PoE devices • JouleX extends power-management to non-PoE devices and systems

  11. JouleXValue Proposition • Use Energy as Differentiator • Demonstrate energy-efficiency superiority over competition • Drive network equipment upgrades via Energy • Expand network infrastructure beyond IT (campus & data center) to other energy domains via EW, EW Partners & JouleX… • Facilities • Manufacturing • Supply chain

  12. Value to Your Customers: In the Data Center • Sustainable Procurement: Utilize actual power consumption, energy cost and environmental impact in total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations during the procurement process for Data Center equipment • Identify Dead Servers for Retirement: Energy utilization reports identify the dead servers for retirement (Servers that are consuming power but running no workloads) • Identify Virtualization Candidates: Pinpoint under-utilized servers and low-density servers consuming the most energy (prime candidates for virtualization) • Chargeback: Group energy use by organizational structure to allocate energy charges • Sustainability reporting: Report LIVE carbon emissions and savings • Load Adaptive Computing: Advanced control capabilities to better match energy use with performance needed to maintain service levels (power capping, power performance leveling and VM load balancing)

  13. Realtime Enterprise-wide Energy Visibility

  14. Flexible Dashboard

  15. ReportingMultilingual Reports

  16. JEM Reports

  17. JEM Reports

  18. ReportingNew Device Model Reports Model Analysis Model Replacement

  19. Map Server Energy Consumption with Utilization

  20. Set Energy Policies for Optimization

  21. ReportingDatacenter Report Utilization Analysis Idle Analysis

  22. Thank You! sales@joulex.net 877-JouleXnet

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