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Preparatory Academy of Laurens District 55 PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparatory Academy of Laurens District 55

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Preparatory Academy of Laurens District 55 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparatory Academy of Laurens District 55

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  1. Preparatory Academyof Laurens District 55 Last Updated: September 2011

  2. Why the name change? • The name change reflects the different direction our alternative program is taking. • We are no longer at a crossroads trying to decide IF we are going to excel. • Instead…

  3. VISION • The vision of the Laurens District 55 Preparatory Academy is to increase and enhance the methods of education implemented through research based curricula and positive behavior intervention for students in grades 6-12 who have experienced difficulty in the traditional learning environment.

  4. MISSION • The mission of Laurens District 55 Preparatory Academy is to provide a relevant, standards-based curriculum and an effective behavioral intervention program to students in a safe environment in order to develop productive citizens for our society.

  5. LOCATION • The Preparatory Academy is located at the Sanders Center across from Sanders Middle School. • Other agencies housed in the building are Head Start, First Steps and Family Literacy (GED) • Physical address: 125 Gleamns St, Suite B, Laurens, SC 29360 • Mailing address: 129 W. Main St., Laurens, SC 29360 • Phone: 864.984.2211

  6. ENROLLMENT • Most 6-12th grade students are assigned to the Preparatory Academy as a result of… • A decision of a hearing officer • A decision of an IEP team • A voluntary decision of a parent (sign over) • A transfer from another district’s alternative program • A release from a Department of Juvenile Justice program/facility

  7. What’s New! • A full-time certified staff • A surveillance system • Implementation of a positive behavioral intervention plan (level and point system)/PCM training • Character Education sessions • Promethean Board • Exit portfolio • PowerSchool Access • Routine Parent/Guardian (s) Workshops

  8. Positive Behavioral Intervention • Through training, the staff is learning how to consistently “see” and “reward” positive behaviors students demonstrate. • The level system allows students to earn privileges as they move to Levels 2 and 3. • Current results: sharp decrease in the amount of discipline referrals

  9. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) • The following questions are asked most by parents and/or guardians concerning the alternative program. • If you feel your question or concern still has not been answered after reviewing this power point, please call 864.984. 2211 for more information.

  10. Q#1: My child will be attending the Academy.What should I do? • Contact Mrs. Elizabeth Gary (984.3568) to set up an intake interview with Dr. Fulton. • Both parent AND student meet with Dr. Fulton to discuss academic, behavioral and attendance improvement goals. • At the end of the intake interview, a start date will be determined.

  11. Q#2: Is the environment safe? • Safety is a top priority at the Preparatory Academy • Our staff participated in a “Basic Practitioner” course in Professional Crisis Management. • Police officers from Laurens City Police Dept. routinely monitor the campus. • A camera is located in each class, the hallway and around the entrance of the campus.

  12. Q#3: How long will my child attend the Prep Academy? • Generally, • Most students can expect to attend the Academy for a minimum of 45 days; HOWEVER, most students stay longer. • Please note: High school students generally do not return to LDHS after 45 days to ensure a student’s academic and attendance records transfer easily from one semester to the next.

  13. Q#4:What is the attendance policy? • Attendance is important at the Preparatory Academy and reported daily to the home school’s attendance clerk. • Attendance is counted by periods for students who attend LDHS. • Attendance recovery is offered each day from 7:15-8:15am for high school students. • All cases of truancy are referred promptly.

  14. Q#5: Will my child be taught by certified teachers? • Teachers at the Preparatory Academy are certified and/or highly qualified teachers who are not only dedicated to providing quality instruction, but also specializes in working with the student who is considered at-risk.

  15. Q#7: What high school courses are available at the Prep Academy? • The Preparatory Academy offers college/tech prep courses for high school students such as: • English 1, 2, 3 and 4 • Algebra 1/Geometry/Algebra 2 • Global Studies/Government/US History /Economics • Biology/ Physical Science/Chemistry • IBA/ Keyboarding • Business Law /Business and Personal Finance *Courses offered are based on individual needs!

  16. Q#6: What supplies would my child need? • Students will need to bring paper, pencils and pens with them to school everyday. • Students should not bring book bags, purses, etc. • Textbooks will be kept at the Academy unless directed by staff to do otherwise.

  17. Q#8: Is there a dress code? • Yes. Parents/guardians must purchase a uniform. • The uniform for students entering in the program are: black pants (No JEANS) that fit at the waist, white collared shirt, white undershirt, black belt and black shoes (No sneakers, boots, heels or jewelry*. • *Students must earned Level 2 status or higher to wear jewelry.

  18. Q#9: Is transportation provided to the Preparatory Academy? • Generally, transportation is provided for middle school students and LDHS students with IEPs. • Parents/guardians of high school students without IEPs should provide transportation to the Prep Academy. • If you have requests/concerns about transportation, please call Mr. Robert Shortt at the district office: 864.984.3568

  19. Q10:Is there a PRE-GED program ? • No. All students at the Preparatory Academy work towards a diploma for the duration of the time he/she attends the Academy. • Students, who are seventeen or older, must withdraw from LDHS before enrolling in the Adult Education program.

  20. Additional questions??? • Please call Mrs. Elizabeth Gary at 984.3568 at the district office • OR • Dr. Fulton at the Preparatory Academy at 984.2211.