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My Typical Day By: Clarissa Lopez PowerPoint Presentation
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My Typical Day By: Clarissa Lopez

My Typical Day By: Clarissa Lopez

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My Typical Day By: Clarissa Lopez

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  1. My Typical DayBy: Clarissa Lopez

  2. Sports & Entertainment Marketing • During this class I'm mostly on the computer doing classwork. Because I don't know many people in this class, I tend to finish my work early and converse with Mr. Pygman. This is a calm class because I'm not loaded with tons of work; since it's the first period of the day I'm usually tired.

  3. Spanish III • In this class I am expected to always be prepared to follow instructions and do what the teacher asks of me. The teacher is very nice but strict when needed. She does not like to waste time so I as her student I am expected to always be paying attention with my head up and ready to learn.

  4. Algebra II • This is the first class of the day that actually wakes me up from a drowsy morning. I am expected to always bring my book to class and always have my homework completed. My teacher is very strict and rarely ever talks about anything other than math. This class period is always silent. Notes are always being taken and quizzes are known to be given out every Friday.

  5. Physical Management • During this class I have to change from my typical clothes to Leyden's gym uniform. The consequences of not changing would lead into an after school make-up. The expectations for this class are lenient. We work at our own pace. It's more of a carefree class while working out and team building activities. I try my best to get in a good work-out, but it’s not that easy. My teacher is always encouraging me to do my best and is satisfied when I do.

  6. English III • This is a very relaxing class and my peers always make it feel like a comfortable environment. My teacher is very nice and understands every student in their own way. The class is always expected to stay on tasks, however we have a hard time following through due to distractions. This is one of my funniest classes throughout my whole day.

  7. Lunch • The class/period I look forward to because I love to have a good lunch. Surrounded by friends, I feel more to myself and don't have to hide much. There aren't any teachers to tell me what and what not to do. I'm more relaxed and enjoy the free time to be around my friends and not stress about any work.

  8. U.S. History • We're expected to bring in our everyday materials and learn about the American History. Though it can be challenging, my teacher is very helping and puts everything into simpler terms. Due to group activities, I'm engaged in working with my classmates, making the class environment very relax and comforting.

  9. Food Chemistry • In this class I am expected to always be ready for labs and calculations. My teacher is very laid back and rarely ever gets mad. Although I don’t have many friends in this class, I have a few that make me feel comfortable enough to be myself.

  10. TJ. Maxx • Working can be stressful, but I get to meet new people everyday. I learn how to be independent and take control of my own-self. I'm able to interact with strangers I've never met, which can be nerve wrecking. I also learn how to deal with time management, hands-on experience, and enjoy working with clothing; making it a beneficial experience when I get older. It's also another place for me to get away from stress related to school or home

  11. Home • I'm more myself at home than anywhere else. I get to be around my family, and even with rules I can still do what want. I'm usually on the phone, outside with friends, or just talking to my relatives. I get to feel more comfortable and lay around, and relax. I get to take time off of everything around me and listen to music, watch TV, or sleep. This is one of my favorite settings of my day.

  12. Summary • Each one of my classes is a different setting. In each one of my daily settings I am expected to act in a different way. All of my teachers have different ways of teaching, and each have their own expectations of how their classes should behave. My daily schedule shows how ones character can change depending on their setting and their surroundings.