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  1. Vanderbilt Concussion SummitOctober 24, 2012Vanderbilt SportsConcussion ResearchV-SCoREGary Solomon, Ph.D., FACPNAssociate Professor, Departments ofNeurological Surgery and PsychiatryVanderbilt University School of MedicineVanderbilt Sports Concussion CenterTeam Neuropsychologist, Nashville PredatorsConsulting Neuropsychologist, Tennessee Titans

  2. Vanderbilt Sports Concussion CenterBecame operational July 1, 2011Joint venture of the Departments ofNeurological Surgery and Orthopedics/SportsMedicineImPACT CredentialedVirtual Center with multiple entry points in the VUMC systemStandardized assessments: ImPACT, BESS,Neuro history All ATCs and MDs have been trainedBaseline evaluations performed on >9,000Davidson and Williamson county students

  3. Our Mission StatementScott Zuckerman, M.D.Neurosurgery ResidentThe purpose of the Vanderbilt Sports Concussion Research (V-SCoRe) is to improve our knowledge in the area of sports-related concussion (SRC) and the outcome of these injuries in athletes.Goals also include identifying pre and post-concussion variables that influence recovery from a SRC and management approaches that can optimize an athlete’s return to the pre-injury level of function and performanceV-SCoRE meets quarterly.

  4. The Concussion in Sport Group has delineated several “modifying factors” related to concussive injury. Few of these factors have been validated empirically. AgeGenderReturn to playNeurocognitive assessmentMultiple concussionsMedical conditionsPsychiatric disordersADHD/Learning Disabilities

  5. PublishedSolomon, GS, Ott, SD and Lovell, MR. Long-term neurocognitive dysfunction in sports: What is the evidence?Clinics in Sports Medicine, 2011, 30:165-177.Lovell, MR, &Solomon, GS. Psychometric data for the NFL neuropsychological test battery. Applied Neuropsychology,2011, 18:197-209.Schatz, P. Moser, RS., Solomon, GS., Ott, SD., & Karpf, R. Prevalence of invalid computerized baseline neurocognitive test results in high school and college students.Journal of Athletic Training, 2012, 47:289-296. Zuckerman SL, Solomon GS, Forbes JA, Haase RF, Sills AK, Lovell MR. Response to acute concussive injury in soccer players: Is gender a modifying factor?Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, 2012.

  6. In PressSolomon, GS. & Sills, AK. Pharmacologic treatment of sport-related concussion: A Review. Journal of Surgical Orthopedic Advances,in press.Zuckerman SL, Odom MJ, Lee YM, Solomon GS, Forbes JA, Sills AK. Recovery from sports-related concussion: Days to return tobaseline in adolescents vs. young adults. Surgical Neurology International, 2012, in press.Zuckerman SL, Kuhn A, Dewan M, MoroneP, Forbes J, Solomon GS, Sills AK. Structural brain injury in sports-related concussion. Neurosurgical Focus, 2012, in press.Forbes, JA, Awad, A, Zuckerman, SL, Carr, K. Association between translational acceleration, rotational acceleration, and concussion in helmeted collisions: Literature review.Neurosurgical Focus, in press.

  7. Oral Presentations \\ Recovery from Sports-Related Concussion: Days to Return to Baseline in Adolescents vs. Young Adults. CNS Annual Meeting, October 2012, Chicago, IL. Establishing ImPACT Norms for the Learning Disabled Following Sports-Related Concussion: A Neglected Population. AANS/CNS Pediatrics Section, November 2012, St. Louis, MO.

  8. Studies Under ReviewSolomon GS, Haase, RF, Kuhn A. Neurocognitive performance and biopsycho-social characteristics of elite NFL draft picks:An exploratory study.Solomon, GS, Haase, RF, Kuhn, A. The Relationship Between Wonderlic and ImPACT Scores in NFL Draft Picks: An Initial Investigation.____________________________________Equilibrate Balance Assessment Studies: Reliability and Validity

  9. Studies in ProgressZuckerman SL, Odom MJ, Lee YM, Solomon GS, Forbes JA, Sills AK. Gender differences in symptoms of acute sport-related concussion: statistical vs. clinical significance.Zuckerman SL, Lee, Y,M, Solomon GS. Normative Data for Athletes with ADD and LD in sports-related concussion neurocognitive testing.McClure, J, Solomon GS, Kutscher, S. Gregory A., Sills AK et al. Sleep and Its Relationship to Baseline ImPACT Test Scores.

  10. Studies in ProgressLovell, MR, Solomon, GS. Concussion in cheerleaders.Sills, AK, et al. Concussions in equestrians.Ott, SD, Solomon, GS, and Schatz, P. Baseline Neurocognitive Performance of Hispanic Athletes on ImPACT: A Comparison of Test Results for Athletes with Baseline Administration in Spanish Versus Baseline Administration in English.

  11. Projects in developmentiPad version of ImPACTReliability, Validity, Comparison with online ImPACT and SCAT2Concussions in helmet vs. non-helmet sportsRole of sleep and SRCNational registry for structural injuries in SRC

  12. Research ResourcesU. of Texas-Houston, St. Joseph's University, University at Albany, Boston University, University of PittsburghV-SCoRE ImPACT database of >15,000 recordsRelationships with Vanderbilt and Belmont Athletics, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Milwaukee Admirals, and Cincinnati Cyclones, Nashville Sounds, Mississippi State, Olympic Equestrians SEC Concussion Committee (Dr. Sills)Concussion in Sport Group (Dr. Sills)CDC Children’s Concussion Workgroup (Dr. Gregory)ImPACT Scientific Advisory Board (Dr. Solomon)

  13. Areas for CollaborationStructural and Functional NeuroimagingGenetic FactorsBiomarkersTreatment ApproachesLong Term Effects