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Social Media and Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media and Marketing

Social Media and Marketing

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Social Media and Marketing

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  1. Social Media and Marketing

    Contemporary Issues in Marketing 420 MKT
  2. Social Media

    Social media is the use of technology to co-create, know, like, and trust.
  3. Social Media

    18 reasons to use them
  4. Social Media

    Facebook Twitter Blog YouTube Linkedh
  5. Benefits of Social Media

    Marketing tools Sharing interests Public Opinion No Limitations
  6. Social Media

    The top are :Facebook, Twitter. And Linkedh Growth in Sep. 2009: F 210% T 600% L 85%
  7. Social Media

    YouTube: 75 b video to 375 m visitors Flicker: host > 3.6b images
  8. Social Media4 Cs

    Content + Context + Connection + Community = Social Media Marketing
  9. Social Media

    It’s important to have a new media strategy attached to your new media tactics
  10. Social Media

    Open up SM access points. These points can be levreged
  11. Social Media

    Your primary website or blog is the tool that ties all of your social media activity together. Your activity on social media sites or spokes functions primarily as a way to lead prospects back to the much more fully developed content that resides on your website.
  12. The hierarchy of social marketing
  13. 5 tips for getting more from social media marketing

    Integrate Amplify Repurpose Generate Leads Learn
  14. Blog

    a blog is software that allows anyone who can type to post content to a website or blog home page
  15. Blog

    a blog is software that allows : Readers to make comments and add content. • Readers to subscribe to the content so that they are automatically notified • Search engines to receive notice or pings whenever the content is updated.
  16. Blog

    A blog is your ticket to creating: • Content • Context • Connection • Community
  17. Blog

    The best way to start blogging: Monitor a group of relevant blogs Comment on a group of relevant blog Create you own blog
  18. Facebook

    has become the most widely recognized name in social networks. Social networks allow people to join, and “friend” members or invite others to join and then share and exchange information.
  19. Facebook

    3 ways for businesses to get a return from Facebook Facebook applications for business professionals Using Facebook’s Twitter-like tagging feature Using Facebook ads for content awareness 5 tips for getting more from Facebook
  20. Your profile is the starting point for Facebook
  21. Creating your Facebook Fan Page
  22. Facebook Features Custom tabs mean custom landing pages Tricking out Boxes with FBML app Facebook applications for business professionals Using Facebook’s Twitter-like tagging feature Using Facebook ads for content awareness 5 tips for getting more from Facebook
  23. Twitter

    Twitter is a free service that allows anyone to say anything to anybody in 140 characters or less
  24. Twitter

    How do I use it? Why would I use it? Some basic Twitter terminology Who do I follow? Filtering Twitter to make it make sense
  25. Twellow:is like a Twitter phone directory that sorts people by industry. This can be a great way to find people in your industry.
  26. Twitter Search: This little tool allows you to monitor anything you can search. I use it to see what’s being said back to me
  27. Twitter Advanced filter and allows you to set up searches on your name, company name, brands, competitors, all the basic stuff, so you can monitor your business and reputation and even know when people are replying to your tweets.
  28. Managing the Social Media