effectiveness of biosoap soap and water n.
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Effectiveness of Biosoap, Soap and Water PowerPoint Presentation
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Effectiveness of Biosoap, Soap and Water

Effectiveness of Biosoap, Soap and Water

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Effectiveness of Biosoap, Soap and Water

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  1. Effectiveness of Biosoap, Soap and Water Noel Richards, Katie Roland, Brittainy Tidwell

  2. Question and Hypothesis -What is the effectiveness of washing your hands with water, regular soap, and biosoap to wash off oil, dirt, pen and sharpie? -Hypothesis- We believed that the water will be the least effective, then the biosoap and then the regular soap will be the most effective because it is more specifically manufactured. The dirt will be the easiest to wash off, then the pen and mayo and sharpie will be hard because mayo leaves a residue and sharpie is permanent inc.

  3. Methods and Materials Materials -tap water -regular soap -biosoap -mayonnaise -dirt -ballpoint pen - sharpie Methods -make a stripe of dirt on the palm and place hand under water for 10 seconds and rub side to side three times then remove from water and then repeat the process with pen oil and then sharpie -repeat step one but add a pea size drop of soap and rub ten times before continuing - repeat step two except with biosoap

  4. Dirt • Water- washed of easily • Soap-washed off easily • Biosoap- washed off easily

  5. Pen • Water- left streak • Soap- left faint streak • Biosoap- washed of completely

  6. Mayonnaise • Water- left greasy residue • Soap- smaller greasy residue • Biosoap- left little to no residue

  7. Sharpie • Water- left stripe as big as original mark • Soap-light and small amounts of ink left on skin • Biosoap-left stripe only slightly lighter but not by much

  8. Conclusion -Biosoap was the most effective method of removing substances. -The water was least effective, but all were significantly helpful. - The pen and Sharpie hardest to remove. The Mayonnaise left an oily residue. The dirt came off every time. - We can check chemical composition and check for unmatched chemicals. There could be something in Biosoap that makes it a better substance remover