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Mr. DuBois

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Mr. DuBois

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  1. Mr. DuBois Captain Shreve High School Geometery

  2. Attendance and Seating • Please be patient while I take attendance and assign temporary seats. • I reserve the right to assign new seats at any point during the school year.

  3. Doo Bwah • NOT Doo Boys • NOT Doo Boes • NOT Doo Brah • NOT Doo Blah • If all else Fails: Mr. D

  4. About Me • BA in Liberal Arts from Louisiana Scholars’ College at NSU. • MS in Secondary Education from Northwestern State University • 4th Year teaching Geometry at Captain Shreve • Interests: Football, Video Games, Science, CSHS Drama, the Internets

  5. Supplies • Required • Writing Implements • Paper (binder or notebook for your convenience) • Recommended • Graph Paper (Makes your life easier for some lessons. One pack should last all year.) • Scientific Calculator (TI 30X IIS is my favorite)

  6. Textbooks • Will be issued at a later date. • Each student is responsible for having a textbook in class every day. • We will likely NOT have a class set of textbooks.

  7. My Class • It is my job to teach Geometry as defined by the Louisiana State Comprehensive Curriculum. • Students are expected to be actively participating in classroom activities at all times. • Any behavior that interferes with my ability to provide quality education to other students in the classroom is a problem.

  8. General Expectations • I expect students to remain quiet while I am lecturing or answering student questions. • I expect there to be a good amount of on-task talking (and some off-task talking) while students are doing classwork and homework. • I expect students to help each other when they can. • I expect students to ask for help when they need it. I cannot help you if you sit in silence.

  9. Food and Drink • Food and drink in the classroom should be closed in a container and put away. • Any open food or drink that I can detect with my five senses will be discarded. Don’t lose your lunch!

  10. Attendance • If you are absent from class for any reason, you should sign the log next to the door upon your return. • Additionally, you should bring me your admit slip for my signature.

  11. Tardies • If you are tardy to class for any reason, you should sign the log next to the door upon your arrival. • If you have an excuse, show it to me after you have signed the log. • NOTE: I am only required to accept tardy excuses issued by the office.

  12. Homework • Homework will be assigned nearly every day that new material is introduced, and on some days that no new material is introduced. • Homework will generally be collected the day after it is assigned. • I will spend a few minutes at the beginning of class going over questions that students have from the homework. • All homework will be collected. NOT all homework will be graded. However, I do reserve the right to grade any homework that I collect.

  13. Classwork • Classwork is to be defined as any assignment given to you while you are in class. • Sometimes this will be due during the class period. Sometimes remaining problems will be assigned as homework. • It is your best interests to work as many problems as you can while you are still in the classroom.

  14. Quizzes • Quizzes are very frequent in my class—usually about twice a week. • Each quiz will be scaled to be worth 25 points. • Most quizzes are “Pop Quizzes.” • Quizzes will be OPEN NOTEBOOK. • Calculator use is not allowed on Quizzes.

  15. Tests • Comprehensive Chapter Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. • Tests will be scaled to be worth 100 points. • Calculators may be used on Chapter Tests. • Tests are NOT open notebook.

  16. After School / Before School Tutoring and Make-up Times • I will be available for tutoring on Wednesday Afternoon and Thursday morning. • These will also be the only times that you will be allowed to make-up tests and quizzes for which you were absent. • I can be available on other afternoons for tutoring (not make-ups) by appointment.

  17. Academic Responsibility • You are ultimately responsible for your own academic performance in this class. • Your note-taking should be sufficient for you to perform well on quizzes. • You should always spend your time in class wisely. I can provide assistance on problems that you attempt in class. • You are personally responsible for getting make-up work and for procuring notes from days missed.

  18. Academic Honesty • On Quizzes, you will only be allowed to use your OWN notes that you took during class. • Using any restricted resource (textbook, notebook, calculator, another student) on any assignment will result of a grade of a ZERO on that assignment.