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The University of Pittsburgh PowerPoint Presentation
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The University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh

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The University of Pittsburgh

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  1. TheUniversity of Pittsburgh helps to educate, with incredible teachers and outstanding academics, the lives of many people in the great city of Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh

  2. How many people attend you may ask? • The number of students that attend the University last year was 27,562. They do not have the number for this year calculated yet. Wow that’s a lot of people!!!

  3. Whatsports do they offer you ask? • Football, cross country, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling.

  4. Whofounded this University? • Hugh Henry Brackenridge was his name and he was a writer, lawyer, and a judge as well. • Born in 1748 • He helped create the first western newspaper called, the Pittsburgh Gazette, in 1786.

  5. The University was started as the Pittsburgh Academy in 1787. Since then they have achieved many great things such as being among the top 7 research institutions. When was the university started?

  6. Where is the campus located? • The main campus is located in the historical city of Oakland. • It can be split into four sections being upper, mid, lower, and west end containing many of the modern and historical sights in the magnificent University.

  7. Whyis it a good college to attend? THINK ABOUT THIS…. It has put into the top cluster of 7 U.S. public researching colleges. Ranked 8th for most positivity of students. Ranked 11thfor best quality of life in the nation. Honored as one of top American hospitals so there are a lot if experts to learn from.

  8. THE CATHEDRAL OF LEARNING • The Cathedral of Learning is a great importance to the University of Pittsburgh because it serves as an educational area for the students. In fact the floors from the basement to level forty are used for educational purposes. • The tops of the building serves as a site for the transmitter of the student-run radio station. • Another importance for the Cathedral of Learning are its amazing 27 Nationality Rooms which teaches the students a little about the history of different cultures in other parts of the world.

  9. Allegheny Observatory • This historical monument, owned by the university, is important to Pittsburgh because the observatory is only used for the practice of measuring the brightness of stars and for studying many people may come to this building. • The researchers have also contributed to a collaborative effort to observe a transit of the planet HD 80606 b. • The group is also contributing to upgrading the Observatory.

  10. Thank you for your time • For more information about the University of Pittsburgh you can go to their webpage ,which is shown down below, and find out information about faculty and staff, the athletic association, etc.