rallying to the standards n.
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Rallying to the Standards

Rallying to the Standards

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Rallying to the Standards

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  1. Rallying to the Standards Frank Rankin Information Governance Manager NHS Education for Scotland

  2. standard “a published document which sets out specifications and procedures designed to ensure that a material, product, method or service is fit for its purpose and consistently performs the way it was intended to” • (Standards Australia)

  3. No recordkeeping professional can be familiar with all relevant standards…

  4. BSI alone has 125 information management standards and guidance documents… • BS ISO 11620:2008 Information and documentation. Library performance indicators • BS ISO 2709:2008 Information and documentation. Format for information exchange • 08/30103869 DC BS ISO 2146. Information and documentation. Registry services for libraries and related organizations • BS ISO 639-5:2008 Codes for the representation of names of languages. Alpha-3 code for language families and groups • DD 8723-5:2008 Structured vocabularies for information retrieval. Guide. Exchange formats and protocols for interoperability • BS ISO 4217:2008 Codes for the representation of currencies and funds • PD ISO/TR 26122:2008 Information and documentation. Work process analysis for records • 08/30186692 DC BS ISO 24610-2. Language resource management. Feature structures. Part 2. Feature system declaration • BIP 0089:2008 A manager's guide to the long-term preservation of electronic documents • BS EN 14463:2007 Health informatics. A syntax to represent the content of medical classification systems. ClaML • BS ISO 3166-2:2007 Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions. Country subdivision code • 08/30168497 DC BS ISO 16245. Information and documentation. Boxes, file covers and other enclosures, made from cellulosic materials, for storage or paper and parchment documents • 08/30176723 DC BS ISO 23081-2. Information and documentation. Records management processes for Metadata. Part 2. Conceptual and implementation issues • 08/30153603 DC BS ISO 10957. Information and documentation. International standard music number (ISMN) • BS 8723-3:2007 Structured vocabularies for information retrieval. Guide. Vocabularies other than thesauri Industry standards

  5. Standards include… • Recordkeeping Professional standards • Sectoral standards • Competency standards • Industry standards – that impact on recordkeeping • Industry standards – to which good recordkeeping can contribute

  6. We are not alone…

  7. Standards can… • Support efficiency, consistency, integrity, interoperability etc. • Allow us to co-operate and benchmark as professionals • Provides us with the framework to argue for resources/support • Help us speak the language of colleagues in other disciplines • Give us credibility in speaking to other communities • Be overused as a “crutch” • Bamboozle us • Fence us in • Give us reach/influence beyond our immediate sphere • Allow suppliers to hoodwink us • Help us to influence suppliers

  8. Standards allow us to influence suppliers

  9. Rallying to the standard doesn’t in itself guarantee success…

  10. “… we have yet to gain an adequate understanding of how the modern office functions, how people collaborate, how decisions are made and how information is generated, shared used and maintained. Recordkeeping standards and practices will be difficult to implement as long as there is an absence of standards and practices for managingthe way work is undertaken in the modern office” • McDonald, J (2005) “The wild frontier ten years on” in McLeod, J and Hare, C (eds) • Managing Electronic Records, Facet Publishing, London.

  11. But surely, Australia…

  12. ANAO audit of govt records, 2006 • “[Australian National] Archives should… set minimum recordkeeping standards and requirements and develop further practical guidance. Archives should also coordinate, and periodically publish, details of the legislation, policies, standards, and guidance that impact on entities recordkeeping responsibilities…” • Australian National Audit Office (2006) Recordkeeping including the Management of Electronic Records, Canberra.

  13. We need to map the standards universe • Map elements between standards – a new “Dublin Core” • Map recordkeeping contributions to other standards • Make explicit the core standards that underpin sector and other specific standards • Keep challenging and revisiting the theoretical underpinning of standards • Draw out basic messages for “how-to” guidance and for lobbying suppliers and industry leaders • Look to the horizon - identify opportunities in the wider standards communities • Easy?

  14. Thank you!