romanian e aster traditions n.
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Romanian e aster traditions PowerPoint Presentation
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Romanian e aster traditions

Romanian e aster traditions

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Romanian e aster traditions

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  1. Romanian easter traditions By RaduMihai, BoamfaIulianand Radu David

  2. What is Easter? Easter is one of the most important celebrations of Christianity, commemorating the moment when Jesus came back from the dead. Romanians start preparing for this special day long before the day itself, and PostulPastelui (Lent) lasts for 48 days. During this Lenten period we pray and go to church, while some of us give up meat, eggs, or dairy products. It’s a ritual of purification for both the body and soul.

  3. In our country, the symbol of this celebration is the Easter egg. It represents Jesus rising from the grave and coming back to life – just as the chicken comes out of the egg.

  4. Why do we paint the Easter eggs? It is said that when the Virgin Mary came to cry for her crucified son, she placed a basket of eggs under the Cross. The eggs turned red as a symbol of the blood that flowed from the wounds of Jesus, and since then we paint Easter eggs. At first, the eggs were painted only in red, but later we started painting them in many colors, including green, yellow, orange and blue.

  5. On the night before Easter... …Romanians put on new clothes and go to church. At midnight, everyone lights a candle from the priest’s candle. The light from these candles symbolizes the return of Jesus from the dead. It’s a very special moment and the sight of hundreds of candles in the night can take your breath away.

  6. The Easter Lent Because of the heavy religious significance of Easter, many Romanians choose to take part in the Lent fast in the six weeks preceding the holiday. During this time, many people choose to eat no meat and abstain from things like tobacco or alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, Romanian Orthodox followers see this more as a celebration or love of God rather than being a form of penitence.

  7. The Easter lamb Throughout the world the most popular Easter symbol is the lamb.

  8. Haggis Haggis is a Romanian pudding, containing sheep's pluck. Haggis is the most popular Easter food in Romania.

  9. The End Thanks for watching