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Presentation on IT Modernisation Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation on IT Modernisation Project

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Presentation on IT Modernisation Project
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Presentation on IT Modernisation Project

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  1. Presentation on IT Modernisation Project

  2. SCOPE • India Post IT 2012 is a Rs 4909 Cr Project • This includes Operating expenses for 5 years • Project was approved by CCEA on 22nd Nov 2012 • Project will be implemented thru eight RFPs

  3. 8 RFPs • FSI----POSB, PLI & Enterprise Content Mgmt System (is a Mgmt Tool, Integrates silos & Info Content in silos to give a unified picture) • CSI---POS, Daily Account, Call Center, Help Desk, HR & A/c, Mail & Logistics, Business Process Mgmt & Workflow, Business Inteligence, Brain of the Postal System which integrates all SIs • RSI—MGNREGA, POSB, eMO , application for rural device • Rural Hardware ------1,30,000, Laptop, HH Device, Smart Card Reader, Solar Panel, Battery with Backup, Thermal Printer, Biometric Reader • Data Center & Disaster Recovery Center • NSP-----Primary & Secondary • Mail Office Hardware Including 15,000 Postman Handheld Device • Change Management

  4. COMPUTERISATION STATUS All Departmental Post Offices provided with computers 24,969 Total no. of GDS POs to be computerized in the IT Project------1,30,000

  5. India Post 2012 Vision How Vision 2012 Helps ? To Be A Technology Enabled, Self Reliant Market Leader Empower Rural Infrastructure • 100% post offices computerised / networked • IT based products are more attractive to today’s customers • Scope for business expansion & revenue growth • Multitude of new/improved products/ facilities (e.g. eGovernance, Rural ICT, Cash Ttransfer, SS Payments, eCommerce, NEFT, RTGS, ATMs, CBS, Anytime-Anywhere Banking, Net Banking, Mobile Banking etc • Rural customer transactions will be more transparent, secure and less cumbersome • India Post Employees proud to be part of tech driven organisation at par with the best in industry, banking and financial services Increase Market Share and Revenues Offer New Products and Services Deliver Improved & Consistent Customer Service Drive high Employee satisfaction 5

  6. Overview of IT Solution Customer Interaction Channels Rural ICT* Solution Web Portal (e-Commerce) Mobile Banking ATMs Call Centre India Post Data Warehouse Mail & Retail Operations Postal Banking Postal Life Insurance HRMS & Payroll Finance & Accounts MIS Reporting / Business Intelligence / IT Security Setting up IT Infrastructure – Data Centre / Connectivity *Information & Communication Technology

  7. Project Overview • Network connectivity to all Departmental Post Offices • Shared Data Centre for hosting applications • Mail Office Hardware • Data Centre Facility RFP • Network Integrator RFP • MoH RFP Infrastructure • Postal banking and insurance services • Mail Operations & Logistics • ERP solutions for F&A ,HR & Payroll. • Customer Interface- ATM, Call Center, Portal • Reporting and Analysis to assist in decision making • FSI RFP • Core SI RFP Applications • Rural handheld devices • MGNREGS, eMO /iMO applications • All the other Postal, Financial and e-Commerce services on the rural device • RICT –SI RFP • RICT-RH- RFP Rural Systems • Enabling change and stakeholder engagement • Training, re-skilling, • Capacity building to facilitate new processes and process changes • Change Management RFP People Management

  8. Impact Areas • Countrywide financial inclusion particularly in rural areas • Effective delivery of MGNREGS DBT, & Social Security Schemes • Faster , transparent and more reliable postal services • Faster and Transparent financial services • Multiple channels of access for customer like ATM, mobile banking, net banking, NEFT, RTGS • Last Mile IT network connecting more than 1,55,000 post offices • Improved delivery of Govt. schemes in Rural Areas • Improved quality of service • Reduction in operations cost • New products and services based on IT enablement • Faster and better decision making based on on-line data availability Benefits to Citizens Benefits to Government Benefits to DoP

  9. Current RFP Status

  10. Implementation Phases & Roll out plan • Project phases: The entire project to be implemented in three phases in the following manner: • Pilot Phase • Phase 1 • Phase II • Pilot Phase: • 8 Pilot circles identified for the roll out of Pilot phase, namely- • Assam • UP • Rajasthan • Maharashtra • Karnataka • Tamil Nadu • Delhi • AP Circles • The Pilot stage would be rolled out in identified Post Offices in the 8 Pilot Circles. After which the solution will be modified / improved based user feedback. • Roll out Phase : Thereafter Phase I roll out would commence in the Pilot Circles • For CBS, Phase I will include all the HOs in the country . Phase II will involve the roll out in all the 22 Circles in 18-20 Months from commencement.

  11. Implementation Phases & Roll out plan ~28000 Offices

  12. Implementation Phases & Detailed Roll out plan 6 Pilot Circles: Assam, UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu * 6 Pilot Circles + 2 POs from Delhi Circle + 2 POs from AP circle ** 6 Pilot Circles + 2 POs from Delhi Circle

  13. Implementation Phases & Roll out plan

  14. Activity Trainees to download the information about IT Modernization Project from the India Post Website Or By accessing the link

  15. 1. Data Centre Facility • The overall scope includes: • Data Center • Providing Data Centre for hosting Department’s Primary Data Centre . • The Vendor will provide the space, services and facilities • Servers will be installed by the concerned SIs • Connectivity & related Hardware will be provided by the NI vendor • The Primary DC will also house the Department’s Network Operating Centre (NOC), which will be manage by NI • The Data Center located at the M/s Reliance’s facility at Navi Mumbai • Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) • To be housed in Department’s own building at CEPT Mysore • The Vendor will provide Services and Facilities & manage the DRC • Servers will be installed concerned SIs • Connectivity & related Hardware will be provided by the NI vendor • The DC vendor will build, operate and transfer Disaster Recovery Centre ( at PTC Mysore) to meet DoP requirements • Operations and maintenance of DCF (Data Centre Facility) and DR Site for a period of 5 years • 24x7 onsite support as per SLAs

  16. 2. Core System Integrator • The Core System Integrator will implement the solutions for Mail Operation, Retail, Logistics Post, Philately, Finance & Accounts & Human Resources • The overall scope includes: • Installation of central hardware at DC & DR locations • Software applications for Mail, HR , F&A solutions • Multiple customer interaction channels i.e. Point of Sale Counters, Portals, Mobiles, Call centre • Rural ICT Client application for Point of Sale, Mail Operations and F & A • Integration of solutions brought by other SIs with the overall solution architecture • Set-up and operation of Call Centres for customers covering all aspects of DoP’s business. • Centralized help desk for employees for managing issues related to operations. • Help Desks • First Level Help Desk (L1) will be provided by the respective SIs for an initial period of one year. Thereafter CSI will takeover the Helpdesk operations. • Level 2 & Level 3 Help desks, which will provide detailed technical help will be provided by the respective SIs.

  17. 3. Financial Services Integrator • The FSI vendor will implement the solutions for Core Banking and PLI in all Post Offices and provide Multiple delivery channels- internet, IVR, Mobile, ATM & SMS. • The overall scope includes: • Installation of central hardware at DC & DR locations • Software applications for Core Banking & PLI solutions • Data migration from Sanchay Post & NIC PLI application to new system • Installation & Management of Department’s ATMs at 1000 locations. • Setting up of Central Processing Centers (CPCs)- One each for 22 Circles in the case of Core Banking • Setting up of CPCs for PLI – 1000 Nos. • Rural ICT Client application for Core Banking & PLI • Training DoP resources on the new solution • Operations & maintenance for 5 years

  18. Postal Banking Solution(CBS) Rural ICT Devices Enterprise GL NEFT others POS IVR CRM mobile internet ATM

  19. 4. Network Integrator • The Network Integrator will link all Departmental Post Offices, Administrative office, Account offices, Sub Divisions etc. (~ 30,000 locations) though one single WAN. • The overall scope of NI includes: • Planning and design of the entire Network . • Connectivity for each location from 2 different network service providers in order to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity. • Installation of Network Hardware, i.e. Switches & Routers at each location including the Data Center & DRC. • NI will bring a secure network having all security features; application integration requirements; & intermediate transition needs • Program Management of entire Network Integration implementation and Operations and maintenance of entire DoP Network environment for 5 years • Network Management Tool and process will be setup by NI for managing the entire network including setting up a Network Operations Centre, (NOC) at the Primary Data Centre site, which will be operational 24 x 7

  20. 5. Rural ICT Solution: Rural SI and Rural Hardware • The Rural ICT Solution is being implemented through two distinct sub-projects- • Rural ICT System Integrator (RSI); • Rural ICT Hardware (RH); • Rural ICT Hardware: • The vendor will supply the hardware, network connectivity & solar panels to ~ 1,30,000 Branch Offices. • Depending on Workload, BOs will be supplied with either Handheld Mobile Devices or Netbooks • Each Device will have standard peripherals like Biometric Identification device, Camera, Thermal printers ,2D Scanner along with Solar Panel • The Devices will be mobile and the vendor will also provide a box/bag for carrying the devices and peripherals. • A spare battery will be provided to ensure that at least one charged battery is available. • RH Vendor will also provide Connectivity for the Devices. • Operations and maintenance support for 5 years • 10% Critical reserves of inventory will be maintained at Divisional Levels to enure immediate replacements in case of faults in hardware.

  21. 6. Rural ICT Solution: Rural SI and Rural Hardware RFP • Rural ICT System Integrator: • Rural System Integrator (RSI) will provide the software solutions relating to MGNREGS, eMO & Integration of EDOs for Rural ICT devices. • Installation of central hardware at DC & DR locations • Software applications for MGNREGS & eMO , for Rural ICT Devices (client applications) • Development of a SDP (Service Delivery Platform)which acts as a gateway to rendering the client applications on Rural ICT devices. This will ensure device neutral client application development. • Data migration from Sanchay Post to new system • Training through “Train the Trainer approach” - where 4000+ employees of DoP will be trained by RSI who will in turn train 130000+ GDS • Operations & maintenance during the contract period • Client application in multiple languages • Support for the application is expected to be available in atleast 11 languages

  22. Rural ICT Solution Rural ICT Solution Overview Handheld Computers Devices Biometric Scanner Thermal Printer 2D Imager Smartcard / Mag Stripe Reader and Writer

  23. 7. Mail Operations Hardware • The overall scope includes: • Supply of procurement of Mail Operations Hardware for all Mail Offices & TMOs • The Hardware will include desktop computers, printers, barcode scanners, weighing scales, tag printers, Power back up devices • Supply of 15,000 departmental postman with handheld devices including maintenance and operations of the hardware • Maintenance and operations of the hardware during the tenure of the contract • Hardware to be supplied to the different offices, located in different parts of India on demand basis • MOH vendor will also provide the hardware with latest software / operating system and coordinate with the other System Integrators viz. CSI, FSI, Network Integrator to provide the necessary assistance for successful installation, integration and functioning of all applications

  24. 8. Change Management • The scope includes an integrated CM approach encompassing: • Stakeholder Management to align all stakeholders to the program objectives & understanding their concerns at the Directorate, C O, Region, Division, H P O & GPO • Change Readiness Survey for assessing readiness to accept change. The survey is planned in 4 cycles with atleast at least 20000 responses in each cycle • Developing Change Network leaders in the Circle/Region offices and will comprise of 5 to 10 senior stakeholders from each Circle and Region office of DoP • Conducting Change Management workshops – 2 workshop at each Circle HQ/ Regional HQ • Communication and Awareness for engaging and informing employees about the changes • Capacity Building Plan etc. • Training: • Preparation of training plan for all solutions and • Training coordination with all vendors in respect of their training components. • In order to ensure that the training is targeted and received by the right recipients high level coordination will circles/ regional authorities is required.

  25. Project Governance Structure in Circles Chairperson: CPMG Convener: PMG/DPS Chairperson: PMG Convener: DPS Responsible for Project Implementation across Offices with in the respective Regions

  26. IT Modernization Project as on July 2014 • Core Banking Solution has been rolled out in 676 Post Offices across India which includes ~ 266 HOs. • Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Solution has been rolled out in 3500 Post Offices across India which includes ~ 127 HOs WAN Roll Out • 24000 locations have been connected to the new network.

  27. IT Modernization Project as on July 2014 DCF • DC is Operational at Navi Mumbai. • DRC completion and handover to DoP is in progress. • MOH: Contract has to be signed with the selected vendor. • Rural Hardware (RH): Financial bid evaluation is under progress.

  28. Network Monitoring Tool The following network monitoring tools have been enabled for all the circles to monitor the network related parameters like bandwidth etc • Fault Management Monitoring Tool • NMS Spectrum • • This URL can be used to view the inventory details and to monitor the network availability & polling status at the particular locations

  29. Network Monitoring Tool • eHealth • • This URL can be used to monitor the bandwidth usage , availability of the bandwidth/network and performance of the network for a particular period

  30. Network Monitoring Tool • Service Desk –Accessing the service desk • • Through this the network locations can raise a ticket in addition to Toll Free No:1860-345-8888 & email and can view and monitor the call history for a particular location using the User Credentials provided to their circles

  31. Classroom Exercise

  32. Group 1 • Discuss the impact of mail solution on the functioning of HO’s, So’s, BO’s , RMS and mail processing centres in the department after the implementation of the project

  33. Group 2 • Discuss the impact of HRM solution on the functioning of HO/SO, administrative units and F and A in the department.

  34. Group 3 • Discuss the impact of Postal banking in the operations of HO/SO/BO . What are the benefits envisaged for the customers

  35. Group 4 • Discuss the change in the operations in field after implementation of the IT 2012 project. • What are the benefits expected out of the project for the department and for the public. • How the project will help to achieve the vision and mission of the department.