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Supervisor Training Session

Supervisor Training Session. Update supervisors of the changes in the administration of the Work-Study Process Review the payroll process with the BANNER system Work-Study Process for 2013-2014 Job Expo Student Worker Training. Why are we having this meeting?.

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Supervisor Training Session

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  1. Supervisor Training Session

  2. Update supervisors of the changes in the administration of the Work-Study Process Review the payroll process with the BANNER system Work-Study Process for 2013-2014 Job Expo Student Worker Training Why are we having this meeting?

  3. Review how students are awarded a Federal Work-Study budget Review the steps that a student goes through once they are awarded a budget Review the steps that a supervisor goes through once they hire a student worker Review how to determine how many hours a week that a student needs to work in order to earn their work-study budget Number of hours student can work Review Work-Study Tracking Sheet, and Payroll Schedule Discuss change in administration responsibilities of FWS process Discuss Fall 2013 On-Campus Job Expo Discuss Student Worker Customer Service Training Present a demonstration on the Career Connections Web site Q&A Time Outline for the Meeting

  4. Administrative Duties • Office of Financial Aid Services is responsible for the 04 Work-Study program. • FA handles all work authorization forms, work-study awards, and budget information. • FA will coordinate the 2013 Job Expo, Supervisor and Student Worker Customer Service Training until the transition is complete. • FA posts the work-study jobs on our website for 2013-2014 • Student Payroll is still responsible for payroll for 03 and 04 workers.

  5. Students who are wishing to receive a work-study budget must first complete a 2013-2014 FAFSA On the FAFSA they must indicate that they want work-study Students who worked in the past fall, spring, and summer semesters, and were requested by supervisor for next year, were awarded work-study The work-study budget shows up on the student’s BANNER account as “accept” Once a student signs their award letter on BANNER, the student will also check “Student Status” to print out authorization form. How are Students Awarded Federal Work-Study?

  6. The students will print their Authorization Form and award letter and take it with them when they are interviewing for a job All other students will attend Job Expo, or after the Expo, come to the Office of Financial Aid Services for eligibility and work authorization form All job positions will be posted on the Financial Aid website under the link labeled “Campus Employment” Once a student is awarded a budget

  7. Print Authorization Form • Student will go to Banner Self-Service • Click on Financial Aid Tab • Click on Financial Aid Status • Student will click on unsatisfied student requirements • Click Federal Work-Study Authorization Form • Print form and present to supervisor

  8. Print Award Letter • Student will go to Student Self Service on Banner • Click on the Financial Aid Tab • Click on Award for Aid Year • Click on Award Overview • The Award Overview has a print option. Student can print this and present this to the supervisor with their authorization form

  9. Sign and return student’s authorization form and the award letter to the Office of Financial Aid Services. Note: Banner is date specific. What date form is received and posted on Banner is date when student employment begins. Complete and return the 04 timesheet request form to the Payroll Office on each student that you are working for the semester Complete and return new hire packet of information to the Payroll Office for each student who has never worked on campus NOTE: If you are planning to pay a student more than minimum wage, additional paperwork will be necessary before the authorization form will be processed Once you decide to hire a student

  10. Amount of Semester Work Award ÷ Pay Rate ÷ Number of Weeks in Semester = Number of Hours to Work per Week For example: $1300.00 (Fall budget) ÷ $7.25 (pay/hour) ÷ 16weeks (weeks/semester) = approximately 11.2 hours a week Please note: If you plan on working during the Intersession or during Winter session you should adjust the number of working weeks in the above formula accordingly. How many hours a week can they work?

  11. HOURS 03 AND 04 WORKERS CAN WORK • Students may work up to 25 hours per week when the Summer Term is in session depending on the departmental funds (03) or their financial aid budget (04). • Students may work up to 40 hours per week when classes are not in session. Usually, classes are not in session between Summer II and Fall Semester.

  12. HOURS 03 AND 04 WORKERS CAN WORK • A student is required to take an unpaid break or lunch for at least one-half hour after five consecutive hours of work. • When the Fall Semester begins, students go back to working up to 20 hours per week.

  13. Tracking Work-Study Earnings • Students are paid according to the pay schedule that is posted in the Federal Work-Study and JLD Program Manual • BANNER has a report that will provide current amounts paid of each student per pay period Supervisors will be sent a report after each pay period. • Supervisors are encouraged to maintain their own records as a back up in case of system situations • KEEPING STUDENT WORKERS WITHIN THEIR BUDGET IS VERY IMPORTANT!

  14. Payroll • 03 and 04 Payroll packets can be printed from the Controller’s Office website • Students should only complete a new payroll packet if they have never worked on campus. • *Supervisors must complete, sign, and initial a Student Payroll Checklist* • Students must be enrolled in course hours to be eligible for work study.

  15. Payroll • Students and supervisors must complete timesheet in INK ONLY. White outs should be initialed by the supervisor. Timesheets will be returned to your department if not completed properly! • Timesheets should be calculated and totaled by the supervisor • Make sure that the pay rate is correct.

  16. Payroll • The student and the supervisor are required to sign the timesheet in ink before submitting it to the payroll office. The supervisor may NOT sign in absence of the student. • All 03 timesheets MUST include the BANNER Fund/ORG/PROG and the account name.

  17. Payroll • Students must provide their CWID on the timesheet • For 03 workers that make more than $7.25, please indicate the correct pay rate on the timesheet. • The 03 workers are allowed to work in more than one department during the same semester, but can not work over 20 hours total per week during the Fall/Spring Semesters and 25 hours during the Summer Term.

  18. Payroll • If the student is an international student, he or she is required to complete a non resident alien data form and attach a copy I-20, Passport, and Visa. • Once the student has signed their timesheet and turned it over to the supervisor for review and approval, they should no longer have any access to the timesheet. (i.e. the student bringing it to the Controller’s Office/ Payroll for processing)

  19. Payroll • All students being paid from a grant must be paid on a payroll voucher. • The voucher must be signed by the employee, requesting agent, and approving agent before being submitted to Grants and Contracts for approval.

  20. Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) • The student should complete Section 1 completely. • The department supervisor needs to complete Section 2 completely. The document name, number, and expiration date, if applicable, should be written by the supervisor on the I-9 form under the List B and List C headings. A complete list of acceptable documents is on Page 3 of the I-9 form.

  21. Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) • Copies of documents used from List A, B or C must be attached. • Both the student and the supervisor must sign the I-9 form.

  22. Student Employment Forms The following Student Employment Forms can be found at http://www.ulm.edu/forms/. 2013-2014 Federal Work-Study Pay Rate Increase Justification 2013-2014 Federal Work-Study Separation-Termination To post job descriptions on the Financial Aid website go to www.ulm.edu/financialaid. Find the heading “Campus Employment” and click on “Submit a Work-Study Job Posting” To access the student payroll packet go to www.ulm.edu, Click on Faculty and Staff at the top, Click on Controller under Employee Resources, Click on Payroll/Student Payroll, and Click on 03/04 College Work Study Packet. Here you will also find the 03/04 request form that needs to be completed for each student each semester.

  23. Fall 2013 Job Expo • Will be held Tuesday, August 20, top of the Student Union Building, 1:30 pm-3:30 pm • Will be able to schedule interviews or hire students at the Expo • Have 04 and 03 positions advertise for Job Expo and on Career Connections web site 4. E-mails sent to students who marked YES for work-study on FAFSA, but were not awarded. 5. Further instructions will be sent to all supervisors via e-mail. WE EXPECT A LARGE CROWD TO ATTEND THIS EVENT!

  24. Student Customer Service Training • September 4th and 5th • All 03 and 04 NEW student workers are required to attend • Students’ attendance will be counted as an hour worked • After program, training information will be available to students unable to attend on Financial Aid website • Attendance will be documented

  25. Dates to Know • August 16– Deadline for JOB EXPO registration • August 20- Job Expo 1:30-3:30pm at the top of the Student Union Building • September 4 and 5 – Student Worker Customer Service Training

  26. Points to Remember • If student prints authorization form from Banner: Award letter must be presented with award letter to supervisor. Note: Job Expo will be excluded from this process. • Reports will be sent of the student’s paid amount for each pay period • Keep own records of student’s pay as a backup • Policy and Procedure Manual can be found at Universities Policies Database web site: https://webservices.ulm.edu/policies/index.php

  27. Points to Remember • Forms for pay increase or separation/termination must be completed. Forms are available on the Forms web site that is listed under Faculty on the ULM web site • Payroll packets are available on the Controller’s web site at: http://www.ulm.edu/controller/ • Be familiar with the Supervisor’s Responsibilities listed in the Policy Manual • Have your student workers complete Customer Service Training

  28. Hunter Harris, Student Employment Administrator Office of Financial Aid Services University Library, Second Floor Phone: (318) 342-5874 Fax: (318) 342-3539 Email: harris@ulm.edu Web Site: ulm.edu/financialaid Q&A

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