africa s future and past n.
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Africa’s Future and past PowerPoint Presentation
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Africa’s Future and past

Africa’s Future and past

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Africa’s Future and past

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  1. Africa’s Future and past By: ShaDonna Bell & Jabrial Hancock

  2. Slave trade • Slavery was nothing new. Almost 80,000 slave’s a year were traded and sent to the Americas for hundred of years. But that was not a bad thing in all maters. When slaves are taken to Americas its makes the over populated population in Africa smaller. And it makes it easier for slaves to escape because there already in America . It also allows them to be at a lower risk of getting diseases .

  3. European colonize • The European was not always running Africa at first they were set up as trading p

  4. The colonization of Africa This map is showing how and who colonized Africa In 1880’. The blue France .The Pink is Great Britain. The yellow is Belgium. The orange is Spain. The green is Italy. The brown is Germany. The light green is Portugal. And the gray is independent.

  5. European partitioning • during European partitioning Africa was split up In many different places and regions . It was sad because some people were split up from there family’s as there homeland was being split up

  6. Africa’s future • Since there is no slavery there People have there freedom and they have their peace . Even though everything isn’t perfect it’s better then it used to be . Since every thing isn’t perfect they do have problems with lack of water, pollution, dying of crops, and diseases. Since they have lack of water most people die from dehydration . Also they die from starvation which is very painful and can lead to diseases which leads to diseases spreading .