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Garfield McKenzie

Garfield McKenzie

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Garfield McKenzie

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  1. Garfield McKenzie 7-703

  2. 8-21-94 • I was born in Kings County hospital I was a bit scared but I was use to it • The first person I saw was my mother as beautiful as ever • That was the only person I felt comfortable with and of course my father.

  3. A new Life • I grew up living in the basement of my mothers fathers house. • I got TLC all the time I got hot chocolate before I went to bed and watched TV. • I watched cartoons and went to the park with my two cousins.

  4. Favorite places • My favorite place to go to was McDonalds my grandfather took me everywhere. • I would scream Donalds every time we passed by it. • I would play with water guns and splash water on to the floor from the tiny pool my grandfather bought me.

  5. A new place • I know live with my grandfather but my other grandfather on my fathers side. • Well I slept on a bunk bed I slept on top with my mom. • I loved power rangers then and my grandfather was a professional artist he drew everything. • I would sometimes take it and play with it as if it were action figures.

  6. My own House • I lived in an apartment just a couple houses away from my grandfather. • It was beautiful I slept on a bunk bed • I then began to feel bad because my other always through up.

  7. Anastaysia McKenzie • My mothers stomach was so big I felt like it was going to blow up. • She walked kind of funny but I had to deal with it. • My mother went to the hospital for a couple of days she came back with a baby. • It was my sister I was so excited she bunked with me when she was about 3. • She was scared to sleep by herself so she slept with me.

  8. Big Brother • I would baby sit my sister I would make up names for her. • I would take her to the park let her get wet. • I would take her to go eat It was a big responsibility. • I took my sister everywhere.

  9. The Old Days • I’m older now and so as my sister I walk to school with my sister. • I am trusted more I get to go to the movies by myself. • my curfew is at 8:00pm only in the summer and I still take my sister everywhere.

  10. The Future • I want to be a basketball player. I want to average like 20 points a game. I want to play the 2 the shooting guard. • I want to be the best.