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Semantic Web for the Military User May 7-8, 2003

Semantic Web for the Military User May 7-8, 2003. Preparing the Military for the Revolution of the Semantic Web. Murray Burke DAML Program Manager (703) 696-2303, mburke@darpa.mil. Semantic Web - Outline. What’s it all about?

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Semantic Web for the Military User May 7-8, 2003

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  1. Semantic Web for the Military UserMay 7-8, 2003 Preparing the Military for the Revolution of the Semantic Web Murray Burke DAML Program Manager (703) 696-2303, mburke@darpa.mil

  2. Semantic Web - Outline • What’s it all about? • What are the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) and Ontology Web Language (OWL)? • Theme for this meeting: Preparing the Military for the Revolution of the Semantic Web • Some Selected Examples of Semantic Web adoptions in the Military • What you will see in the next couple days

  3. Determine Force Mix Get Weather Info Provide Intelligence Update Coordinate Transportation Order Supplies Select Targets DAML and OWL • The DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) Program • Enabling “agent” communication at a Web-wide scale • Semantic language that ties information on a page to machine readable semantics (ontology) • W3C, including Tim Berners-Lee: Enthusiastic Partners • About to release Ontology Web Language (OWL) • Based on DAML-OIL (Ontology Inference Layer), International Partnership

  4. What is Al Qaeda? A terrorist organization Would you like additional information on? • Membership • Locations • Structure • Finances • Tactics • Other terrorist organizations DAML Concept What is Al Qaeda? C2I is Moving to Web Technology Current Web Technology Not Machine Processable Need the Semantic Web - Machine readability with very rich semantics to support agents for: • Intelligence Analysis and Production • Military Planning and Operations • Software C4ISR Agents • Sensor Fusion DAML is building the language and tools to realize the bold vision of the Semantic Web • Language to describe information • Tools for users and developers • Transition activities • Experimentation/Metrics 39,800 Matches on 6 March 2002

  5. DAML Relationships Semantic Web Res. (EU) www.semanticweb.org • DARPA/DoD Developed • Internet - Yes • Web - No • XML – No • Semantic Web - Yes • Research efforts: • DAML-OIL • EC OntoWeb Intl Workshops EU W3C Members/directors (Dan Brickley, coord) US/EU Joint Efforts (S. Decker, Coord) Tools Horus Lang Spec RDF Ctr for Army Lessons Learned Demos RDF-S Foreign Clearance Guidance DAML-ONT XML DAML-LOGIC JBI/EBO NOTAMS www.w3.org/RDF/ W3C www.daml.org DAML

  6. DAML Functional Representation DAML DAML DAML Threat Ontology Inference Facility Ontology Sensor Ontology Geo-Spatial Ontology DAML DAML XML HTML XML HTML XML HTML Web Server Web Server Web Server Web Server Pages + Data Web Pages Data Data Targets (Installations) Threat Orgs Intelligence Repts Get a map/Get an image

  7. DAML Achievements What we have done so far • W3C in final stages of ontology language approval (OWL) • Query and Rules languages under review • Joint DARPA-EU Language Committeee • DARPA-EU Web Services Initiative • Dozens of DAML ontologies and tools created • Significant military and INTEL applications being explored (Horus and SONAT) • DAML Web Site • > 10 Million Hits!

  8. Formal Semantic Underpinnings Model-Based Axiom-Based Ontologies Query Language Spatial-Temporal Domain Ontologies Rules Services Security Proof Trust DARPA Agent Markup Language DAML Language Strategy Ontology Logic W3C Standardization Proof Trust

  9. Semantic Web for the Military User (SWMU) Meeting 2003, May 7 & 8 • Theme: “Prepare the military for the revolution of the Semantic Web” • Exposition of the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) program • Emphasis on tools and technologies ready to use in Pilot or Acquisition programs • Recommendation • Establish pilot program using Semantic Web technologies or tools • Portals • Knowledge management • Database integration • Target Audience(s) • Military technical managers, with influence over the intro of technology into the military services.  • Senior level and more detailed technical level managers or implementers.

  10. SWMU Agenda May 7 • 1700-1900 • Cocktails and Light Refreshments • Selected Early Adopter Demonstrations • Coalition Search and Rescue • Horus (Intelink Management Office) • Semantic Operational Net Assessment (SONAT) • AMC/Foreign Clearance Guidance and Notice • AMC/Airmen and Mariners (Airborne Mobility Command) • MINDSWAP Tools • Geotopics in DAML • Semantic Web Database Scalability • Semantic Search • Additional demonstrations may be arranged FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

  11. SWMU Agenda May 8 • Detailed DAML Tutorials • A: Ontologies 0800-0930, 1300-1430 • B: Tools 0800-0930, 1300-1430 • C: Services 1000-1130, 1500-1630 • D: Language 1000-1130, 1500-1630

  12. Main meeting room and Tutorials Demo Room Lunch (both days) SWMU Meeting - Admin Remarks

  13. SWMU Meeting - Admin Remarks • Wireless LAN • Capabilities • Internet • Chat/discussion (logged) • File transfer • DAML IRC • server: irc.daml.org • password: isoxml • room: daml • If you have further questions see Cola Atkinson (here at the conference) or email him at cola@bbn.com

  14. SWMU Meeting - Admin Remarks • Briefings will be available on DAML Web Site after the meeting • http://www.daml.org/meetings/ • Adopter Presentation Questions – please defer to demos this evening if possible • Demos on Thursday by Request • In parallel with Tutorials

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