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  1. Hermes

  2. Son of Zeus and Maia Father of Pan and rumored Father of Silenus linage

  3. Caduceus Winged Sandals Symbols

  4. As a god Hermes possesses both immortalityand strength. He is also gifted with great speed. Because of his many assets he is also known as a master thief is unable to resist stealing. powers and Weaknesses

  5. Hermes is known by many names including: • God of Travelers • Messenger of Gods • God of Thieves • Protector of Traders • Divine Herald Identification and descriptions

  6. Hermes once stole Apollo’s herd of cows • He appears in the Adventures of Odysseus, delivering a message from Zeus to set Odysseus free from Calypso’s island • He aids Perseus on his way to slay the Gorgons bestowing upon him many gifts to help him on his quest Important events

  7. The Fates

  8. The Fates are commonly remembered by the Thread spun by Clotho and the Shears wielded by Atropos. Symbols

  9. They give to men at birth evil and good to have along with a fate that person will inevitably follow throughout their lifetime. powers

  10. There are three Fates: • Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life • Lachesis, the Disposer of Lots, who assigned men their destiny. • Atropos, she who could not be turned, who wields the “abhorred shears” and cuts the thread Clotho has spun at death Identification and description

  11. The Fates first appear in the book of Mythology in the story of Hercules where they had fully spun the thread of life of Admetus, a king in Thessaly, and where on the verge of cutting it. • Their second appearance was in Atlanta’s story granting a newborn child life until a log they had bestowed upon his mother was burned to ash. • Their third and final appearance in the book of Mythology was in The Adventures of Aeneas who predicted that Carthage, Juno’s pet city, would be taken over by Aenea’s descendants. Important events

  12. Allusions to the Fates are found often inmovies and literature. For example, in the childrens book The Tale Despereauxas a string is tied around Despereaux’s neck then cut as he is thrown into the dungeon as if foreshadow that his death is near Allusions

  13. The Graiae

  14. They were sisters of the Gorgons and described as three gray women. • Their symbol is an eye for the three of them share a single one between them. Lineage, Description and identification and Symbols

  15. Perseus

  16. Perseus is the son of Zeus and Danaë. And the father of Electryon and Alcaeus, born after he wed his wife Andromeda. Lineage

  17. Perseus symbols is of a sword as Hermes's sword was given to him to weild before he quested to slay Medusa. He also displays many traits of a hero. Symbols

  18. Perseus was gifted both physically and mentally giving him the strength overcome many of his obstacles. However even with his cunning he is still gullible to the trick KingPolydectes set up for him. Powers and Weaknesses

  19. He slayed Medusa, a gorgon, and brings her head to King Polydectes and his men turning them to stone an event predicted many years before he was born. Important events

  20. Rick Riordan’s fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians is and allusion to Perseus. The protagonist Percy Jacksonshares his name and also slays Medusa, using her head to turn evil adversaries to stone. The story differs however as Percy is son of Poseidon. ALLUSIONS

  21. The Gorgons

  22. Earth-dwellers like their sisters these women posse the power to turn men to stone with a single glance. Though other weaknesses are unclear Perseus slices the head off Medusa a prominent Gorgon to slay her. Phorcys is their father. LINEAGE, POWERS AND WEAKNESSES

  23. A symbol of the Gorgons would be a snake as many live atop of their heads like hair. Symbols

  24. In the Gorgons appear only in story of Perseus as the young hero must slay Medusa to please the King. Important Events