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  1. unit1 Ⅰ. Proverb Ⅱ. Objectives Ⅲ. Background knowledge Ⅳ. Presentation

  2. Part12345 PartⅠ Listening & Speaking PartⅡ Reading PartⅢ Grammar PartⅣ Translation PartⅤ Writing

  3. Preview Men are born to succeed, not to fail. ~ Henry David Thoreau One must spend time in gathering knowledge to give it out richly. ~ Edward C. Steadman

  4. 1. talk about famous people. 2. use the words and expressions in the texts and retell the main idea of the passage. 4. 5. translate adverbial clauses. write leave or absence permits. interpret the uses of subjunctive mood. 3. Objectives After studying this unit, the students are expected to be able to

  5. Bgklg2fz NBA Famous NBA Players NBA English

  6. Bgklg2qz1 The National Basketball Association (美国职业篮球联赛). From its origin as a league in 1949, NBA had grown from a small league gathering little interests from the American public to a global adoration responsible for making basketball into the fastest growing sport in the world. The history of NBA is filled with remarkable stories and captivating characters,starting as a league featuring 8 teams to its current 30 teams, from the first superstar, center George Mikan (乔治·迈肯) of the Lakers, to its current star, Chinese center Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets.

  7. Bgklg2qz2 Here at NBA, we realize that true fans appreciate the history of the game in the world’s greatest basketball league. That is why we are devoting a special segment documenting the History of the NBA, highlighting significant changes, moments, and players of the game. Our special segments trace the dynasties of the Los Angeles Lakers (洛杉矶湖人队), Boston Celtics (波士顿凯尔特人队), and Chicago Bulls (芝加哥公牛队), as well as recording the significance of such great players and ambassadors of the game from George Mikan , Bill Russell (比尔·拉塞尔), Elgin Baylor (埃尔金·贝勒), Wilt Chamberlain (威尔特·张伯伦), Julius Erving (朱利叶斯·欧文), Magic Johnson (魔术师约翰逊), Larry Bird (拉里·伯德), Michael Jordan, and Shaquille O’Neal (大鲨鱼奥尼尔)。

  8. Bgklg2qz4A A. Yao Ming Nickname: Ming Dynasty (USA), Little Giant (China) Position: Center;Born: 09/12/1980;Height: 7—5 /2.26m;Weight: 296lbs./134.3kg Schools: Shanghai Sports College, Shanghai Physical & Sport Technique Education Institute, Shanghai Foreign Language Institute Drafted: 2002, First Round, 1st pick by Rockets Teams (Jersey): Chinese National Team (13) Shanghai Sharks (15) Houston Rockets (11)

  9. Bgklg2qz4B B. Sam Cassell (萨姆·卡塞尔) Position: Back; Born:11/18/1969; Years Pro: 13; Height: 6—3/1.91m; Weight: 185 lbs./83.9 kg; College : Florida State; Drafted: 1993, First Round, 24th pick by Rockets Twice won NBA the best player this week, April 6—12, 1998 (New Jersey Nets) and November 2—7, 1999(Milwaukee Bucks) ; In season 1999—2000, 729 secondary attacks, setting the highest record in history of Milwaukee Bucks; Champion in 2001 All Star Weekend Three Point Contest.

  10. Bgklg2qz4C C. Hakeem Olajuwon (哈基姆·奥拉朱旺) Nickname: Hakeem the Dream, Koko One (Nigerian), Lil’Mo, Too Tall (Nigerian) ; Born: 01/21/1963 ; Position: Center; Status: Retired; Origin: Lagos, Nigeria; Height: 6—11/2,11m; Weight: 255lbs./116.3kg; Schools: University of Houston; Drafted: 1984, First Round, 1st pick by the Houston Rockets; Languages: English (national language of Nigeria), French, and can converse in 3 dialects Yoruba, Ebo and Ekiti. Teams (jersey): University of Houston (34), US National Team (15), Houston Rockets (34), Toronto Raptors (34)

  11. Bgklg2qz43 Olajuwon is a Nigerian native who was an All-America in 1984 and Final Four MVP in 1983 for the University of Houston Cougars. While at the University of Houston, Olajuwan was selected as the Southwest Conference Player of the Decade (1980) by a panel of media and coaches. He is one of eight centers to have led his team to the NCAA Final Four in three straight seasons. Olajuwan was the first overall pick by Houston Rockets in the 1984 NBA draft. He led the Houston Rockets to back-to-back NBA titles (1994—1995), and he was the regular season MVP (1994), and a 2-time Finals MVP (1994—1995). Olajuwan is a 6-time All-NBA 1st team member (1987—1989,1993—1995). He is the all-time NBA blocks leader. After 17 glorious seasons with Houston, he was traded to Toronto in the waning days of his career. With a steal against Seattle on November 20, 1999, Hakeem became the first player in NBA history to accumulate both 2,000 blocked shots and 2,000 steals in a career. (NBA.com)

  12. Bgklg2qz311 (slam) dunk (强力)灌篮 bank shot 擦板球 jump shot 跳投 three-point shot 三分球 assist 助攻 free throw 罚球 rebound 篮板球 turnover 失误 foul 犯规 foul out 犯满离场 blocking foul 阻挡犯规 charging foul (带球)撞人 (犯规)

  13. Bgklg2qz412 double dribble 两次运球(违例) walking (带球)走 out of bound 球出界线 overtime 加时赛,延长赛 referee 裁判 second half 下半场 substitute 换人(上场、下场) fast break 快攻 foul strategy 犯规战术 one-on-one defense zone defense 区域防守,区域联防 dribble 运球 driving to the hoop 带球上篮 swish 空心球(入篮) bench player 替补球员 center 中锋 人盯人防守

  14. Bgklg2qz414 Coach 教练 MVP 最有价值球员 Frontline 锋线 guard 后卫 Forward 前锋 starting lineup 首发球员 Final 总决赛 road game 客场比赛 guest team 客队 home court 主场 post season 季后赛 regular season 季赛 Schedule 赛程

  15. part1 3fz Suggested teaching plan for listening and speaking Listening practice Speaking activities Language bank Learning Tips

  16. s.t.p 1 Suggested teaching plan for listening and speaking

  17. s.t.p 2

  18. s.t.p 3

  19. l.p z2 Short Conversations Situational Dialogues

  20. l.p 1 Directions: You will hear two short conversations in this section. Each conversation will be spoken twice. Listen carefully and do the exercises. Task 1Fill in the blanks with the words you hear in Conversation 1 M: Guess what, Kathy? W: What? M: I wrote to ______________ and he sent me ___________________ . W: Really? Is there his _________ in the picture? M: Certainly. And he wrote“_____________________” in it. W: You’re so_____. Keep it in ___________ . It’ll ________________________________________ . President Bush a picture of his family signature All best wishes for you lucky a safe place sell for thousands of dollars in a few decades

  21. Listening script l.p 2 Task 2 Listen to Conversation 2 and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F) 1 ( F ) Tony is watching a program about Bill Gates. Bill Gates founded his company as a junior. Bill Gates used to study in Harvard University. Only going to college can make a man successful. Perseverance and intelligence are very important for a man’s success. 2 ( T ) 3 ( T ) ( F ) 4 ( T ) 5

  22. l.p li.s A: Tony, what are you reading so intently? B: Oh, Mum, it’s a book about Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation. A: Is that interesting? B: Sure. You know what? He founded Microsoft in his junior year in Harvard University! It seems that going to college is not the only way to succeed! A: Yes. Just as the proverb says“All roads lead to Rome”. B: And the key to success is wisdom, perseverance and intelligence.

  23. l.p 4 - 1 Practice Directions: Suppose some famous person you admire is going to give a lecture in your college. You (A) and your partner (B) are talking about him. Complete the following conversation by filling in the blanks.

  24. l.p 4 - 2 A: Morning, _______ . It seems there is something new on the board.B: Yes, it says there will be a lecture about ______________ in ______ .A: By whom?B: ________________.A: ________________! You mean the one who___________________ _________? B: Exactly.A: Wow, you know what? ________ is my idol (偶像)! His ________ ___________________made deep impression on me.B: So, there’s no doubt you will attend the lecture, won’t you?A: Of course, I will. What’s more, I will_______________________ ______________________.B: I’m sure you could hardly fall into sleep tonight. Li Qiang medical science the hall Mr. Zhong Nanshan was entitled Anti-SARS Guardian Mr. Zhong Nanshan stories of fighting against SARS Mr. Zhong ask for his signature or take pictures with him if possible

  25. l.p 51 Directions:You will hear two situational dialogues in this section. Each dialogue will be spoken twice. Listen carefully and do the exercises. Task 1Listen to Dialogue 1 and make your choices C 1 Where does Jack Tang live now? A. China. B. Guangzhou. C. The USA. D. Spain. 2 Why does Bruce think Tom should know Jack Tang? D A. Because Jack is outstanding in their school. B. Because Jack is famous in China. C. Because Jack is Jane’s boyfriend. D. Because Jack is famous, and both Tom and Jack are from the same town.

  26. Listening script l.p 5 A 3 How long has Jack been there? A. 5 years. B. 10 years. C. 15 years. D. 50 years. C 4 How much did Jack make by running his company last year? A.$ 50,000,000. B.$ 15,000,000. C.$ 5,000,000. D.$ 500,000. A 5 Which statement is NOT true according to the dialogue? A. When Jack came to the states he had only 15 dollars. B. Jack made 5 million dollars last year by running his trading company. C. Jack’s story is a good example of rags-to-riches success. D. Bruce used to borrow money from Tom.

  27. l.p li.s Tom: Hey, Bruce. How are you?Bruce: Fine. Tom, do you know Jack Tang? Tom: Jack Tang? I don’t think I know him.Bruce: You don’t know Jack Tang? You are kidding! He’s a very famous person in Chinatown. He’s also from your hometown, Guangzhou. Tom: What’s so special about him?Bruce: Well, for one thing, he’s my sister’s boyfriend. Jane talks about him all the time. Tom: What else?Bruce: Jack’s genius at business. When he came to the states 5 years ago, he had only 50 dollars in his pocket. Now he’s got his own trading company. Jane told me he made 5 million dollars last year. Tom: Another rags-to-riches success story. Now you can borrow money from him instead of me!

  28. Listening script l.p 7 Task 2Listen to Dialogue 2 and answer the following questions 1 How does Leo know the news about Beckham? Which team will Beckham leave? Which club will Beckham join? How much will Beckham earn? How long will Beckham be in the new club? From the newspaper. 2 Real Madrid. Los Angeles Galaxy. 3 4 $1 million a week. Five years. 5

  29. l.p li.st Leo: Well, John, wouldn’t you know it?John: Know what? Aren’t you going to tell me? Leo: According to the newspaper, Beckham will leave Real Madrid.John: It’s understandable. He has spent much of the season on the bench since last year’s World Cup. And will he join some other British team? Leo: No. It says he will join neither British nor European teams.John: Really? Leo: He’ll sign a five-year deal for US side Los Angeles Galaxy(洛杉矶 银河俱乐部) worth $1 million a week.John: Undoubtedly, he is still one of the most remarkable players in the world!

  30. l.p 13 Practice Directions: Suppose you(A) and your partner(B) are fond of some famous singer. One day you meet and talk about him and his latest song. Complete the following dialogue by filling in the blanks.

  31. l.p 14 A: Do you like listening to music?B: Sure. I like _______________________________ music. A: Really? Do you usually listen to ________________ ?B: Yes, I like his songs. Have you heard of his latest song ________________________________?A: You mean___________________________________________ _______________? Nice music, I think. I like it very much.B: So do I. It’s really _________ . A: Indeed, when I listen to the song I __________________ . B: Besides, the lines (歌词) of the song _____________ . A: I heard that he wrote the song himself. B: He’s really a capable young man! pop/classic/western/jazz/rock and roll Jay Chou (周杰伦) Chrysanthemum Flower Bed(菊花台) the one in his new movie Curse of the Golden Flower (满城尽带黄金甲) impressive have the same feeling are special, too

  32. s.a 1f Activity 1 Activity 2

  33. s.a 1 Directions: Work in pairs. Try to introduce someone you admire to your partner. Make a dialogue using the following sentence patterns. He is a famous person in… / He is …(age, height, weight, building, etc.) He is popular with… …gives deep impression on me. His great success comes from… He’s a person with… (personal quality)

  34. s.a 2 Directions: Work in pairs. Please make up your own dialogues based on the following situations, and you may refer to the sentences in Language bank. Situation 1: Choose 2 famous people you admire in different fields. Exchange your ideas with your classmates to see whether you have the same idols. Situation 2: Suppose you are reading the newspaper. Share some news about a famous player or singer you like with your classmate.

  35. l.b 7fz To start a conversation To make a response To describe a person

  36. 1 lb Do you know…, General Manager of ABC Company? Have you heard about…? Have you seen the latest movie of…? I went to the concert of… last night in stadium. Who’s your favorite singer/player/movie star? Don’t you think… a special / attractive/ terrific actor? I’m crazy about…How about you? 你认识ABC公司的老总……吗? 你听说过……吗? 你看了……的新片吗? 我昨晚去体育馆听了……的专场音乐会。 你最喜欢的歌手/球员/影星是谁? 你不觉得(演员)…… 很特别/有魅力/很棒吗? 我很喜欢……你呢?

  37. 2 lb I’ve heard about… , but not knowing much of him. I think so. It’s quite probable. I don’t think his dancing is as terrific as his singing. I quite agree with you. I couldn’t agree with you more. 我听说过……, 但不熟。 我想是吧。 完全可能。 我觉得他跳舞不如唱歌出色。 完全同意。 完全不同意。

  38. 3 lb Physical appearance and features He is in his early/late twenties. ...have thick black eyebrows. ...have long, curly, black eyelashes. ...have a big red nose and a white beard. He is tall/short/average height. She has collar-length hair. She has got shoulder length hair. He has a light/average/heavy build. She has a slim figure. (body) 他20出头了/快30了。 长着浓黑的眉毛。 睫毛又长又卷又黑。 长着大红鼻子和白胡子。 他个头高/矮/中等身材。 她留着齐领短发。 她留着齐肩长发。 他身材偏瘦/适中/偏胖。 她很苗条。

  39. 4 lb Personality description He is young, bright and energetic. He has a strong determination to succeed. He is a person with ability. He is a man with strong career-ambition. He is a humorous man with high sense of responsibility. He is an outstanding individual. 他年轻、聪明、精力充沛。 他有获得成功的坚定决心。 他是一个很有能力的人。 他有很强的事业心。 他很幽默,有高度责任感。 他真是杰出人才。

  40. Lt 自由联想(Free Association) 在等车或等人的无聊时刻,复习英语单词也许是很好的消遣。您可以靠周围事物来触发灵感发挥您的“自由联想”。这样做既可以锻炼脑力,温习英语单词,又可以打发时间。例如:您看到穿蓝色衣服的女孩,从蓝色(blue)想到 blues(布鲁斯:蓝调),bluebird(知更鸟),blue-blooded(贵族的),或从 blue 想到 red(红色),pink(粉红色),crimson(深红色),scarlet(猩红色)等等。这种自由联想的记忆方法对复习英语词汇会很有效。

  41. Patr2 Text A Text B Culture Tips

  42. Task A Suggested teaching plan for Text A Pre-reading task Text A Activities

  43. A s.t.p 1 Suggested teaching plan for Text A

  44. A s.t.p 2

  45. A s.t.p 3

  46. Pre-reading 1. Can you name some famous NBA players? 2. How much do you know about Yao Ming? 3. What do you think of basketball stars? Do you believe that they are the key to the success of a game?

  47. 译文 译文 z.w 1 What We Can Learn from YAO When I was a child, my father (having no son) decided he would instill a love for sports in both of his daughters. While my dear sister leant more towards football, a love for basketball took rootin my own heart and flowered. I can remember the smiling face of Sam Cassell. His profound love of the game caused him togrin and laugh after taking a three-point shot that made everyone jump to their feetand gasp in anxiety. As the ball made a soft “swish” through the basket, the audience exploded insounds of joy. And of course he is a great man.

  48. 译文 译文 z.w 2 Hakeem Olajuwon came to us from Nigeria as a painfullyshy and humblefreshman who would make a name for himself at the University of Houston. We watched his career on the courtand also saw him grow into his position as a center. We watched his skills progress and saw him lead a fieryyoung team to back-to-back world championships. Another man would come to Houston, bigger than the last, and just as great in spirit. Yao Ming hails fromShanghai, China, a world as distant to most Houstonians as the other side ofthe moon. However, what Yao Ming is teaching us is a lesson that the NBA and all who watch it should learn.

  49. 译文 z.w 3 We live in the age where freshmen with even the slightest amount of talentthumptheir chests and cry outloudly for attention. Sadly, the game of basketball has turned from a game with players who worked together as a team to a group of players led by one man. They chasetheir one-man show in order to promote themselves over their teams, but Yao Ming is changing all that. Yao hopsoff the benchduring a time-outto hand his teammates towels to wipe the sweat outof their eyes. You will rarely see him celebrate some achievement he has accomplished , but he will be the first one to high-fiveone of his teammates, or pat them on the back whether or not they make the shot.

  50. 译文 z.w 4 Yao Ming, as opposed to the other freshmen in his class, is decidedlya team player. He is an exciting player to watch, but he is also an ambassador to his country. He brings his customs of honor and unityto our shores, and I am thankful we have him.