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Mein Deutschland

Mein Deutschland

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Mein Deutschland

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  1. Mein Deutschland A Lumos Student Traveler’s Experience of Germany

  2. What are we doing here? • Lumos Student Travel Award • My Lumos project in Germany • Tips for planning a trip abroad

  3. What is Lumos? • The Lumos Foundation provides Belmont students with the opportunity to travel with a purpose. • Fund volunteer and service-focused projects abroad that make a real difference in a local community • Longer than 6 weeks • Must have partner organization

  4. What kind of projects? • Teaching English Abroad • Volunteering at… • Nursing homes • Daycares • Non-profit organizations • Charities • Homeless Shelters • Farms • Anywhere you don’t get paid! • Most important: that you volunteer your skills to help improve a local community!

  5. My Lumos Project • Taught English for 9 months in Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Germany • Partner Organization: Experiential Learning International • From October 5th, 2012 to June 26th, 2013

  6. Where did I stay? • First five months: Host Family in Enkenbach-Alsenborn

  7. Where did I work? • Enkenbach-AlsenbornIntegrierteGesamtschule (IGS)

  8. What did I do? • Worked with students, mostly grades 9-13, improving reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. • Small conversation groups • Tutored individual students who were struggling • Acted as a resource for teachers and students

  9. What did I do?

  10. What did I do?

  11. What did I do? • Took a German as a Foreign Language course at Karlsruhe InstitutfürTechnologie(KIT) • During Summer Semester, attended lectures

  12. What did I do? • Explored Germany and Europe!

  13. What did I do? • Explored Germany and Europe!

  14. What did I do? • Explored Germany and Europe!

  15. Challenges • No precedent for my job • Had to create and provide almost all materials • Was on my own while teaching, no formal training • Lived in rural location • Nature is nice, but so are people • Had to speak German, no native English speakers nearby

  16. Things to consider • Location • Food • Accommodations • Duration of stay • Social opportunities • Emergency support • Language/communication • Transportation

  17. Location • Are you staying in a city or in the country? • Are you close to public transport? • What is the weather like, on average, throughout the duration of your project? • Are there interesting things nearby to visit in your free time?

  18. Food • What is the typical diet? • Do you like that kind of food? • Do you have any dietary restrictions? • Will you eat meals with your host family? How many? • Is food cheap or expensive? • Is eating out cheap or expensive?

  19. Accommodations • Will you be staying in a house or apartment? • Will you have your own place or will you share it with a roommate or host family? • What kind of furnishings will be provided? • Can you move or change rooms if there is problem with your roommate(s)/host family? • Internet, heating, A/C, electricity, hot water, washer/dryer… what will you have?

  20. Duration of Stay • How much time do you have? Just one summer? A whole semester? A whole year? • What time of the year will you be there? • If you are working at a school, what is that country’s school year? • Are there holidays or days off for you to travel and take a break? • Note: in my opinion, if you intend to improve language skills, at least 3 months!

  21. Social Opportunities • Are there other volunteers/interns where you will volunteer/work? Are they your age? • Are you living in a city? • Are there any clubs/sports teams you can join? • Are you taking a language course to make interactions with locals easier? • Are there bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. nearby? • Is there a church or other religious institution nearby?

  22. Language/Communication • Do people speak English where you are going? • Do you already know some of the language? • Are you going to take a language course?

  23. Transportation • Will you have a car? Do you need a special license? • How is the public transportation system? Is it easily accessible where you will live? • How much will bus tickets and public transport passes cost? (Important for budget!!) • Will you have a bike provided? Roller blades? Do people still do that?

  24. Emergency Support • Do you have someone you can call in an emergency situation who actually lives (somewhat) nearby and knows emergency procedures in your country? • How is the healthcare system in the country?

  25. How do I apply? • Find a partner organization • Create a budget • BE THOROUGH! Put everything you can think of on there! • Fill out the application • Essays • Letters of recommendation • Description of project • Be aware of deadlines! • Visit website for all materials and info: