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Mein Kampf

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Mein Kampf

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  1. Mein Kampf

  2. Hitler's Arrest • Adolf Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison when found guilty of taking part in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 • To serve his time he went to Landsberg Castle in Munich , where he was treated fairly well and was allowed visitors, presents and was given the freedom to walk around the castle grounds. The Beer Hall Putsch occurred on November 8th, 1923 when the Nazi party's leader Adolf Hitler, World War I General Erich Ludendorff, and other leaders of the Kampfbund, unsuccessfully tried to gain power in Munich, Bavaria, and Germany.

  3. Henry Ford • While in prison, Hitler educated himself and read many books. Some inspired him on his anti - Jewish views such as Henry Fords books My Life and Work and The International Jew. Hitler also approved of Henry Fords hostile views towards communism.

  4. How it began • Hitler's business manager, Max Amnan, proposed that Hitler write an autobiography. • Hitler was not fond of this idea, mostly because he had not fully mastered how to write. He finally gave in when Max Amnan suggested to dictate his thoughts through a ghost writer. • This ghost writer ended up being Emile Maurice, Hitler's chauffeur. He then got replaced by Rudolf Hess. • Hess failed in the hard task of turning Hitler's thoughts into prose. Hitler's words were confusing and repetitive, especially since he could not express his words with his passionate voice and gestures as he did in his speeches and such.

  5. Mein Kampf • Hitler's book was originally entitled Viereinhalb Jahre (des Kampfes) gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit or Four Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice but his publisher reduced the title to My Struggle (Mein Kampf.) • Mein Kampf was a mix of a political views, autobiography, and an explanation of the techniques of propaganda. • The main purpose of the autobiographical part of the book seemed to be improve upon Hitler's positive image, even though most of the details in Mein Kampf were false. • In this book, he argued that the German race was superior to all others.

  6. ABOUT MEIN KAMPF: FAST FACTS • There are two volumes of Mein Kampf • The first volume was published in 1925 and the second volume was published in 1926 • It sold between eight and nine million copies • It is not an easy book to just pick up and read.