robot self replication n.
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Robot self replication PowerPoint Presentation
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Robot self replication

Robot self replication

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Robot self replication

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  1. Robot self replication By Dennis and Yaser

  2. What is Self Replication? • Self replication is the ability to build or to make copies of its self, in nanotechnology self replication is when a device automatically builds copies of itself... But only if programed to. • Self replication is an artificial construct that is theoretically capable of building and manufacturing copies of itself.

  3. The three conditions • Three conditions must be met when self replication is being issued in nanotechnology. Each self replicating robot is consisted of ingredients…. • All Nano robots must construct at least one copy of its self in its complete functioning life • Each Nano robot is consisted of ingredients, these ingredients must be used in the correct portion. No ingredients are to be left after the self replication • When self replicating the robot must be in a controlled proceed efficiently and to prevent malfunctions.

  4. Self replication software • The python replication program is a software that • Anti Virus program

  5. Self Replication hardware • The Robot itself • Nanobots • Clanking Replicator

  6. Examples of robots that can replicate them selves • Python Replication Program • Nanorobots • Artificial living plants • Astrochicken

  7. Benefits of Self Replication • Self Replication helps us in a lot of ways • Robots recover from minor damages • Low maintenance costs • Adjustable to the environment

  8. Disadvantages of self replication • Lots of people could abuse it to make killer machines that could just practically heal themselves every time. It learns to be stronger by just healing itself. • Self Replication will take a lot of time to be as how we want it, because to this point it is not really developed yet. • As it is healing itself it could manipulate its software somehow. • Self Replication could be dangerous to people, because when a robot is replicating itself it has no control over its intelligence.

  9. Conclusion • Overall Self Replication is something we can really look forward to • It gives us a lot of good things, it makes our lives easier than it already is and it would save us a lot of money • Sadly though, there are a lot of things that stop it from revolting as the way it should be • AI can easily be manipulated and be a danger to humans