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(P  F)-duplex

(P  F)-duplex. PPM. H6/H7. H6/H5. *. *. H6. H3/H4. H3/H2. *. H3. H2/H1. H2. H5/H4. *. H5. H4. H7. H9. H8. H7/H8. *. H9/H8. H1. PPM. (P  F)-intermediate. PPM. H2/H1. H2/H3. H2. *. H3/H4. H3. *. H6/H5. H6/H7. H6. *. *. H1. H7/H8. H4/H5. H7. H8/H9. H4. *.

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(P  F)-duplex

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  1. (PF)-duplex PPM H6/H7 H6/H5 * * H6 H3/H4 H3/H2 * H3 H2/H1 H2 H5/H4 * H5 H4 H7 H9 H8 H7/H8 * H9/H8 H1 PPM (PF)-intermediate PPM H2/H1 H2/H3 H2 * H3/H4 H3 * H6/H5 H6/H7 H6 * * H1 H7/H8 H4/H5 H7 H8/H9 H4 * H8 H5 H9 PPM FIGURE S1: Contour plots showing expanded base-base regions of NOESY (300 ms mixing time) spectra recorded in 100% D2O buffer, at 35 ºC for the (PF)-duplex and at 25 ºC for the (PF)-intermediate. Display threshold was set purposely in the spectrato show only cross-peaks among pyrene protons. Assignments are indicated in the spectra. Asterisks points to cross-peaks observed in the DQF-COSY spectra.

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