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MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. TYPICAL FOR POLISH CULTURE. FOLK INSTRUMENTS. Creators of the most important methods of music such as Carl Orff or Zoltan Kodaly found the source of musical sensibilities in folklore. shepherds ` trumpets (trąbity ).

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  2. FOLK INSTRUMENTS Creators of the most importantmethods of musicsuch as Carl OrfforZoltan Kodalyfoundthesource of musical sensibilitiesinfolklore.

  3. shepherds`trumpets(trąbity) The Podhale shepherds play the long trumpetscalled trąbity. This instrument isup to 5 m long.

  4. Popular string instruments in Podhale Region

  5. devilviolins(Kashuby, Kurpie)

  6. dulcimer A dulcimeris a musical instruments withup to 100 stringsplayedwithlighthammers.

  7. Bagpipes of Great Poland Region

  8. gajdy, koza

  9. Mazanki A threestring instrument usedduring a weedingceremony.

  10. accordion

  11. drum Thiskind of drumissimilar to a tambourine. Itismade of skin strechedover a circularframecoveredwithjingles. You play itwithyourhandor a stick.

  12. Musical instruments atthe first stage of education Themainaim of teachingmusicingrades I-III is to preparethestudents for consciouslyusage of musical heritage.

  13. A classroom of music Everyschoolshould be equippedwithvarious musical instruments thatcan be used by children. Itisalsonecessary to have an accompaning instruments for a teacher of Music.

  14. Class I Thestudentsarecreatingtheirown musical instruments from waste and otheravailable materials.

  15. Theintroduction of first percussion instruments

  16. drum

  17. cymbals

  18. maracas

  19. janczary

  20. triangle

  21. castanets

  22. Guiro`srattle

  23. Class II Ourchildren start playingtheflute and theflageolet.

  24. Students: • Play simplerhythms by usingtheirvoice and percussion instruments; • Usethe body language to show a simplepatterns.

  25. Class III Students start playingthemelodicpercussion instruments

  26. Worksheetsmade by ourchildren

  27. Therecognition of some musical instruments Poznaje różne brzmienia instrumentów

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W0ZCFutXoc

  29. Howourstudentswork on Musical Portfolio.

  30. Musical instruments inclasses IV - VI Thebasicaim of teachingmusicatthisstageis: • preperingstudents for performing simplecompositionbased on wellknown materials and creationtheirown musical improvisation; • recognition of melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics and articulationinplayed musical pieces; • Usingthenames of musical instruments correctly.

  31. Musical expression

  32. Studentsrecognizethemain musical instruments: • String instruments • Wind instruments • Percussion instruments

  33. String instruments fromtheviolinfamily

  34. Pluckedstring instruments mandolin guitar

  35. Keyboard instruments Grand piano

  36. Woodwind instrumentssaxophones

  37. Brasswind instrumentsa) Frenchhornb) tubac) trumpetd) trombone

  38. Thefreeexpression of music

  39. Large and small musical meetings Meetingswith ourtalentedstudents Meetingswithprofessional musicians

  40. Meetingswithprofessionalmusicians

  41. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qe2PHwUGMc

  42. Performances of ourtalentedstudents Studentswhoattend musical schoolsharetheirknowladge and experiencewiththeirschoolmates.

  43. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9v89OfRl-c

  44. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TkbD9iSMzY

  45. PRESENTATION- Alicja Niedbalska FILM MATERIALS– Anna Włodarczyk TRANSLATION-MałgorzataGibek

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