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Raleigh Section 1113

Raleigh Section 1113

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Raleigh Section 1113

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  1. Raleigh Section 1113 Case Study of Storyboarding March 20, 2007

  2. ASQ Standard Strategy Planning • ASQ National Defined Goals: • Increase Member Retention • Increase Member Value • Increase Member Satisfaction • ASQ Strategic Management Process (SMP)

  3. 2005-2006 Results • ASQ Total Quality Award • Completing the SMP • Only 75 Sections Achieved in 05-06 • ASQ Silver Excellence Award • Meets 2 of 3: • Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention • Only 27 Sections Achieved in 05-06

  4. Increase Quality of QMS via ISO Between Industries Local MemberBase (Hi Tech, Skilled) Dedicated Volunteers Website & On-line Systems characterizing committing and participating (as our) creating (our ability to) Strengths Provide Extensive Networking to Membership Broad Experience Of Charter Members Opportunities enabling Conference Turnout representing fostering Large Membership Corporate Interest in Community Improvement Weaknesses stimulating (which is) deteriorating resulting (in) creating (the situation where) More Networking To Attract Member Participation Interest in Networking Good Core Strength of Talent Open Board Positions Disconnect With ASQ - HQ Knowledgeable People forming necessitating (a) CSF #3 Volunteer Commitment Not Meeting Deadlines Volunteers Are not Urgent furthering (our ability to) Lack of Membership Participation promoting(participation from our) Low Board Membership Diverse Experience And Talents resulting (in our) necessitating (a) resulting (in) FriendlyEnvironment leveraging Community Services promoting (interest in) forcing Volunteers (not enough) Threats restricting (in our) Dropping Membership Counts Leaders Get Overwhelmed (Conflicting Priorities) adding (to) Strong Annual Section Conference Dedicated Core Team contributing (to) participating (as the) Provide Knowledge of ISO Quality Fields (cross industry) Ability to Obtain Volunteers driving (the) positioning (us as the) Complacency Of Members promoting Priority Setting Resource for Professional Development SMC Planning Session Team driving (the) CSF #2 Inadequate Process Visibility 4 Critical Success Factors Participate with Local Colleges Dwindling Membership focusing allowing (us to) Communication (internal – board External – members) resulting (in) Leadership From Board Experienced Leadership Planning Program accelerating applying CSF #1 conducting Not Enough Networking Coordination of Logistics during Program Events Acquire new Members t o area (Growing Region) resulting (in) allowing (us to) perpetuating (lack of) driving capitalizing (on the) supporting Perception of Quality as Boring challenging (effective) Professional Development Job Outsourcing Causing Job Loss Poor Communication External Commitments & Demands inspiring perpetuating ASQ National(Infrastructure & Services) resulting (in) New Members Quitting funding • Member • Participation • Meeting attendance • sharing best practice • volunteer for leadership inhibiting (execution of) Growing Area (& thus Growing Chapter) Other Raleigh Quality Groups increasing (overall) Good Financial Resources Potential Weaker Economy Member Communication Process initiating compelling CSF #4 New Member Welcome Process Numerous Venues Of Training Fiscal Irresponsibility Little Use of $$ Resources

  5. Local Member Base (Hi Tech, Skilled) Conference Turnout Knowledgeable People; Friendly Environment Large Membership Dedicated Core Team Leadership from Board Experienced Leadership ASQ National (Infrastructure and Services) Broad experience of Chapter Members Good core strength of talent Diverse Experience and Talents SMC Planning Session Team Planning Programs Professional Development Good Financial Resources Dedicated Volunteers Money Diversity of Members in various industries Experienced Board Members Diverse industry base Strength ASQ Raleigh Strengths

  6. Strength Themes • Two themes • Culture – ‘friendly environment’ combined with ‘knowledgeable people’ filled with ‘dedicated team builders’ that creates the core culture. • People – Creates an environment where supporting the staff in all aspects of personal and professional growth is inherently present.

  7. Utilize outsourcing to accomplish goals Education (Revenue, opportunity to serve) Hi-Tech Area Many untapped opportunities Website and on-line systems Interest in networking More networking to attract member participation Strong annual section conference Participate w/local community colleges Increasing commonality of QMS via ISO between industries Corporations interests in community improve Community Service Resource for professional development Member participation (meeting attendance; sharing best practices; volunteers for leadership) Provide extensive networking to membership Provide knowledge of ISO quality fields (auto, med, electronics, etc.) for job mobility Acquire new members to area – growing region Growing area Opportunity ASQ Raleigh Opportunities

  8. Opportunities • Creating the ability to ‘Provide Extensive Networking to Members’ • Furthering our ability to ‘Provide Knowledge of ISO Quality Fields (cross industry)’ • Allowing us to ‘Acquire new Members to area (Growing Region) • Capitalizing on the ‘Growing Area (& thus Growing the Chapter)

  9. Communication Members not on top of other fields Coordination of logistics during program events Little use of $$ resources Lack of membership participation Ability to obtain volunteers Communication (internal – board, external – members) Volunteers – not enough Low board membership Priority Setting Poor Communication Volunteers are not urgent Member communication process New member welcome process Not enough networking New members quitting Volunteer commitment Leaders get overwhelmed (conflicting priorities) Not meeting deadlines Weakness ASQ Raleigh Weaknesses

  10. Lack of volunteers Economy – member loss due to loss of employment Other professional organization Lack of commitment Fiscal Irresponsibility Inadequate process visibility Complacency of members Perception of ‘Quality as Boring’ Other Raleigh quality groups Numerous venues of training – education Open Board Positions External commitments & demands Potential weaker economy Disconnect with ASQ – HQ Dropping Membership counts Dwindling membership (economy) Job outsourcing causing job loss Threat ASQ Raleigh Threats

  11. Weaknesses & Threats • Themes: • Culture • Despite a Strength, also lacked the ability to recruit volunteers • Process • Timely Communication • Commitment to Task Execution

  12. Critical Success Factors • Communication • Prioritization • Volunteerism • Financial Management

  13. Following ASQ’s SMP Process

  14. Linking Our Strategy to National

  15. Results • Members volunteering! • Arrangements, Publicity & Placement Chairs Filled During Year • Candidates for Treasurer & Secretary • 2 Volunteers for both Good Works and Website for 2007-8 Year • Financials In Shape! • No longer operating at loss this year.

  16. Results • Members Joining!